Deterioration of service in West Texas

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I am on the Liberty 12 program.  Two days ago, my service deteriorated to the point where it was essentially useless.  After an hour on the phone with tech support, they advised that the modem was the problem and they would arrange a service call.  The next day, I was contacted by the local service agent who advised me that this problem was widespread and, in some way, related to the new satellite.  They felt that the only solution was a modem upgrade but that I had to get that authorized by ViaSat.  When I contacted ViaSat again they said a modem upgrade required a new 2 year contract ( which I am unwilling to sign )  They then advised the the current modems are out of stock and will not be available for some time - at least another week.  Meanwhile I am out of service, and for this I have been paying a monthly fee for service.  Unacceptable!
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Ok I’m gonna go ahead and speak up at this point. Using this forum is completely useless. Forums like this are used by the companies who host them to keep the negativity behind closed doors. Look at how many complaints there are all about almost the same thing. Don’t you worrry there will be a handful of people who pop up to tell me how wrong I am and sway the tone of this post but the evidence sits here for everyone to see. I have this service because there is no alternative. I pay a premium for subpar performance and the second anything else becomes available I’ll switch and launch a crusade to make sure no one ever sign with this service. If you want real change get with your states atttornet general and show them what’s going on. Do they care no not really but a fraud case this large means a huge promotion and a lot of attention. Jyst sayin
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How did they fix the Hubble telescope?
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Hubble is not as far and it was a huge risk going to service it. One fuel miscalculation and the shuttle would have been stranded. It was the most dangerous 2 missions in all if shuttle flights.
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Installed a corrective lens to fix the main mirror that was ground wrong creating a out of focus view.
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And it was a success!

As far as one of the most dangerous, I can think of two other missions I know were more dangerous.

It was theorized the shuttle had about a 1 out of 100 failure rate. History, unfortunately, showed that was a pretty good theory.
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"Launched from space shuttle Discovery on April 24, 1990, the Hubble Space Telescope orbits at an altitude of about 350 miles (560 kilometers). The telescope is 43.5 feet (13.2 meters) long, weighs 24,500 pounds (11,110 kilograms) and cost $2.5 billion."