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My experience with Excede has been excruciating difficult and downright despicable for the amount of money they charge. Their satellite service is inferior by far to cable services and I understand they are the only option we have in the area we live so like most customers who use Excede, we bend over and take it because we have to. Their customer service lacks experienced agents who lie, hang up on you and offer you a silly slap in the face with a $5.00 credit for your inconvenience. All this because no one at this company can give you a routine maintenance schedule so that a small business owner can schedule the outages and not lose business. One agent says there is a calendar maintenance to look up and another says there is not and that it is only internal for the company. So which one is correct? Do they teach them to lie to pacify customers? I will actively look for a different company even if I have to break the contracts to find internet service with better customer service.
Satellites are satellites and I am not ignorant to the fact they are interrupted by weather and typically have a run of the mill connection at the very best. The inferior connections we can deal with. I am not complaining about this. I am not complaining that I pay upwards of $400 a month for 2 accounts to insure my household and my office can use the internet at the same time. My complaint is with customer service. I was actually asked by one of the agents if I had read my contract. Are they serious? I am not stupid by any means and to be asked this question in a smart ass tone is the worst customer service I have ever experienced. I pay my bill on time, two of them to be exact and I am sure if I failed to pay my bill they would cut the service off without a second thought. Unfortunately, there is nothing anyone can do but deal with it but I will certainly make it my mission to make sure potential customers in my area do not use Excede. Thank God Comcast is almost finished putting lines connecting us to the cable company. At the very least they have better customer service and are 500% more reliable at a quarter of the price. I never thought I would ever miss my cable internet.
I guess I should be thanking Excede for the truly eye opening experience with their customer service. My 5-year-old some has better customer service skills than their agents.
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I'd be taking that to higher levels. I've never heard of a maintenance calendar but, if one is available, even internally, that should be made available to Business customers at least.

I'd hate to have scheduled or been asked to participate in a critical online meeting and have my service down at that time for maint w/o warning. Now if heavy storms are forecast for my gateway or my home, I know I should go to a free wifi spot for the meeting but, on a clear day and to not have my Exede working for it - I'd be pissed, to say the least.

As for customer service, I've gotten a few flakes on the phone, some about 6 years ago, then TWO this past week in the business departments.  I've also gotten some really good reps, call back and make sure you don't get the same rep again. In fact, ask for Nick in Business support. He was very professional, patient and, took the time to look up the information I needed when the first 3 reps I spoke to this week did not, and more or less blew me off.
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I called regarding the slow service and was informed the only way he could help is update my service. I informed him that I was informed that when I started this acount 3 years ago, I was informed to call with any problems. the one time I call, you tell me to update my service. when asked isn't updating the system their responsibility? He said I would have to upgrade the account at $15 more a month or he couldn't help me. "go some where else, we don't need you" was the following comment. I asked for a manager and he refused. I attempted to call a different number but was put on hold for over a hour and then hung up.
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He really said ...  "go some where else, we don't need you" ...?
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Yes he did.
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Hi April, We are so sorry to hear about the disappointing experience! We are committed to serving the needs of our customers and your feedback will help us to identify areas for improvement. Please send an email to exedelistens@viasat.com with your account and contact information so we address this issue.  Thanks

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I got the same   are we dealing with ATT or what  we are the customer
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I'm out as soon as my contract is up also. If I could leave sooner without paying an early termination fee I would. This is almost like having dial-up. Sad... You should be able to terminate your contract if it isn't the service expected without consequences.
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I agree. Last year Exede kept making a mistake on my billing and month after month cancelled my service due to their computer error. I called and called, but guess what? There is no billing department at Exede. Instead, you get someone in their home on a computer somewhere and each time a different person. After 4 months I finally got a service person who persisted enough to rectify the situation.  

Now my email account keeps going down. My 2nd attempt to correct I was told it was my fault because I received SPAM mail. Of course, once it was opened there was no real spam in there, yet the service person still blamed me. In fact, this customer service person told me that I signed an agreement saying I would not receive SPAM. What?
 Next day, email is off line again. This time the service person told me it was because someone was USING my account, hacked in other words, to send spam. Now that is a different thing altogether. 

Exede is not set up like a real business. I use satelite Direct TV too. They have stellar customer service and I NEVER go offline because of weather problems.

If I could quit Exede, I would. I just wish that WildBlue had not sold to them. My service was so much better with WildBlue.