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Just a reminder that rules for this online community are that no member should curse at any other member, and that communications should be "respectful" which means not calling other members names because you don't like something they said.  Sometimes the lines are a bit gray, but there is a difference between criticizing what someone said, as opposed to attacking someone as a person, you know, like calling them a "contemptible person" or some such thing.
It is probably also a good idea, since we mostly don't know each other and are just reading stuff in black and white, that we not read more into what someone posts than is actually stated there.
I am not a moderator here, and I don't work for exede...just a regular exede customer like everyone else here, but I was recently cursed at and called a name on this forum, so wanted to make this statement.
Apparently at least 2 people have been bothered by my saying that I think certain communications on this forum have been "rude".  I have thought about that, and think I can see how some people might think that means I think that they are "rude people"...which really isn't what I meant, so I do apologize to anyone who took it that way.  I usually mean literally what I write., ie. if I say something sounds rude, I don't mean the person is a person who is rude all the time, but just what I said: that I think that particular statement sounded rude.    but since obviously it isn't being taken that way, I will make an effort to use words like "maybe there is a more civil way to express your criticism".....since really my issue is just that: civility.  If I express that in a way that just makes some people MORE angry, well, obviously, that isn't at all what I want to do.
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Debbi Cobern

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So sorry you were treated so rudely. People can be so crass !
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Thank you Debbi.  For understanding why it matters, even when it is strangers doing it.
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That's a shame you were treated rudely. I guess we have to be very careful of what we write. I'm not that good at saying what I want and maybe some people think I'm being rude but never mean to be rude or anything to anyone. Have a nice evening/day Lorrie.
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Thanks very much.   
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It goes both ways =) If you do not want to be treated rudely, do not treat others rudely either. Don't post replies on the threads they create to voice their concerns and in said reply infer that they are telling untruths about what they are trying to communicate as their experiences. Simple as that. Stop lecturing people when you do reply on their threads as well, that would go a long way towards helping other folks not take YOUR statements and replies as an attack on themselves, or misunderstanding what you 'meant'. Just remember folks, there is ALWAYS TWO sides to every tale of woe ;)
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Exactly.  It would be nice if people didn't feel the need to lecture and attack people for having a different opinion or experience.  Perhaps a good idea would be for members to NOT jump in with a long tirade unless you actually have something USEFUL to say about a topic, not just to jump in and tell people they  must be wrong because you haven't experienced it or imply they don't know what they are talking about.  There are many people that have posted on this forum who are experienced IT people and believe me, they may be asking for a second opinion about something from another member but they don't need someone who has little or no knowledge about the topic to jump in and chastise them and tell them they don't know what they are talking about when if fact they likely know more than the attacker. That kind of attack is my definition of rude. JMHO

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