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i dont like exede service.#1 when i first got exede i was told 5-8 mb upload /download speed... im lucky if i have ever got 1.5 tops the entire 2 years of service with them. #2 during the first year during the free usage from 12-5 am it did not matter if i was out of data the speeds were normal as if i still had data and starting in the middle of my 2nd year i was being restricted during the free time not to mention during the 12-5 am free time my service is shutting off every 45 minutes and then i have to wait 15-20 minutes for it to reconnect. #3 my bills have always been around 60-65 a month..... the last 2 or 3 months its been around 70-75. luckily a new provider has moved in and its not satellite ... its a fiber optic line . why should i pay 70-75 a month for crappy low speed internet when i can pay less for something faster and have unlimited data. in my opinion wild blue created another company name because of the bad business ethics, fed the people a different line of crap and is repeating the same crappy service that wild blue did here. come end of april im dropping you and going to this new provider . have a feeling your going to lose a lot of customers here in this area .
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Posted 3 years ago

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Well if ANYONE can get fiber optic, they should drop satellite service NO MATTER how good or bad the service is at the satellite company.

In my personal opinion Exede is going to lose a LOT of customers if they do not fix the slow speeds during the "high usage hours" (between 4pm until around 2am). I've been a customer for less than 90 days and thinking about dropping them because the only times I get online is during the high usage time slot and can't even get 1mbps download speed.

Also seems they WILL NOT answer my question of "how does Exede plan to fix this problem"?

Wish I could get fiber optic :-(
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The new Satellite is due to be launched toward the end of this month, and the plan is that it will be moved into its final orbit position and operational by the 4th quarter.  I do not have any idea how this will impact available data plans, but if everything works as planed this bird will triple ViaSat's capabilities.  I think that the difference will be as revolutionary as ViaSat 1's impact on satellite delivered internet service was several years ago.   This launch has been delayed for several reasons,  First ViaSat had to go to court because their technology was stolen by the company who built the first satellite,  then a new company had to be contracted to build ViaSat 2 and 3 then finding a launch slot that was on a reliable carrier.   I think that the companies business model anticipated that 2 would be operational at the end of 2015 and that 3 would be operational this year.   All of this is no comfort when your email won't load at 8 in the morning but it is part of the picture.
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The new satellite has already been delayed so don't get your hopes up. At best all the new satellite is going to do is start the cycle again until they oversell their capacity and we are back in this situation.

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