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I just looked at the Unlimitedville website to see what Dawn is talking about.  She keeps going on an on about getting unlimited data for $150.

The $150 plan offered by Unlimitedville uses T-Mobile towers.  T-mobile works pretty good in my area and I get two phones with unlimited high speed data (supposedly throttled after 35 GB) and 10 GB hotspot (once again supposedly throttled after) for $90 a month via Metro PCS.

I've never used all of my Metro PCS data, but some customers have reported that their speeds remained the same after using 35 GB on the phone and 10 GB on the hotspot.

Metro PCS gives you free phones as well.  So you can pay $150 a month to Unlimitedville plus a bunch of setup/equipment fees, or pay $90 a month to Metro PCS for two phones.

Of course, T-Mobile service isn't an option for everyone in rural America.  My parents own a second home that is really out in the middle of nowhere.  T-Mobile not Sprint covers that property.  Up there, the only options are AT&T and Verizon.

Unlimitedville on Sprint towers is $99 a month plus upfront costs.

Unlimitedville on T-mobile towers is $149 a month plus upfront costs.

Unlimitedville on AT&T towers is $199 a month plus upfront costs.

Unlimitedville on Verizon towers is $249 a month plus upfront costs.

For most people in rural america, Verizon is the only cell service that works, providing you can get anything at all.

I'm perfectly happy with Viasat.  Just wanted to share the rest of the story regarding Unlimittedville.  I considered it a while back, but it is just too expensive.  The Liberty 12 plan for me is a no brainer.  I only pay $60.99 a month.
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It looks like Unlimitedville has a data cap as well.  Would be pretty funny for someone's account to get closed after paying those upfront costs.



For normal internet usage, YES! No more data caps! No more overages! All of our hotspot plans include unlimited high speed data for normal internet usage like streaming music and movies/surfing/gaming etc. Illegal activities would include data abuse and suspicious usage. Data abusers are those who purposefully push limits or conduct known illegal activity like torrenting etc. If you consistently burn through a half terabyte or more a month (that’s over 500 GBs!), that is not normal internet usage and you could be asked to split your usage between two accounts or the service could be terminated by certain carriers. To put that into perspective the average Household in America uses 190 gbs/month. So just please utilize our hotspots with regular discretion so we can continue to provide our members with high speed wireless internet.

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Dadgum Datacap of 500 GB. Now way I'll put up with something like that. I'll stick with the 150GB I get from viasat.
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I can't edit my original post.  I meant to say, "T-mobile nor Sprint covers that property." when I was referring to my parent's second house.
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I checked it out. I might tryit if we could use the t-mobile rate. Hiwever, we dont have reliabke cell service and it wpuld be Verizon if it was. I dont mind paying 150 bucks, and 500 gigs would be plenty for us, so the T-mobile version would be great.

However, it isn't an option, so we will stick with Viasat.

There is a rumor they are putting a Verizon tower across the valley from us soon. Then we will be able to get direct LOS unlimited cell tower internet. May have to move on if that happens. I miss my FPS games.
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There's nothing wrong with Verizon LOS or any other provider if you can get it and the cost is reasonable.

For what it's worth, T-Mobile service has come a long way in the past few years but it still doesn't have as much coverage as Verizon.   I get speeds ranging from 1 mbps to 78 mbps with Metro PCS on T-Mobile towers depending on where I am.  

At my house, the speeds usually stay around 10 mbps.  I'm a happy camper.  I mostly just use my Metro PCS for phone data, but its nice to have it as a backup hotspot for when I am away from home and need wifi for something.
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This service does not use your cell data so it doesn't count against your cell service plan. I have this type of service available for a lot less than this company. Unfortunately, i get 1 bar of 4G LTE, which isn't strong enough. 
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My experience with MetroPCS has been after using the 10GB hotspot data allowance, speeds are supposed to slow down to "Average Network Speed" unless I pay $5/GB to maintain high speed.  However, I have gone past the 10GB and my speed didn't slow down at all. The speed here is 50Mbps, synchronous.  Get On MetroPCS !    I wish it worked here instead of only on a high hill.

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We can barely get Verizon cell phone service unfortunately. 3 bars max by a window.
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3 bars by a window could work. This is not the same as your cell service and it does not use a cell plan. I don't think it is a good thing to promote competition here but if you want the name of a company that does this for less than this company Dawn is promoting, at least for Verizon cell service, PM me.
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I have verizon in my area and can only get 1-2 bars here at the house. I can get 4G LTE most of the time but sometimes it drops to 3G. And it's not very fast. T-Mobile, Sprint and ATT does not work at all. In fact we have complete counties here in South Georgia that are dead, no cell service. When I first moved here I used a verizon usb dongle on my PC, I got 3GB a month for 80 dollars. I was happy to see that Exede mailer in my mailbox. 
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Verizon only here, tower is 10 miles away.  Tmobile and ATT are 30, Sprint is 70.  Wilson cell booster works great (now WeBoost).  Not really anything ~practical on home Internet for Verizon.  Straight Talk has $55 unlimited, possible deprioritization after 32GB if congested (which never happens here), but no hotspot.  The postpaid plans slow to a crawl with hotspot use in this area, even with no congestion.