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I have no idea what is different about my set up, and others that are not having data usage issues but, it seems there are a lot of unexplained usage issues with Exede. Is it possible this is a Windows 8.1 issue? Maybe a certain brand or model of router? Maybe the package, I seem to see the issue most on the 10 GB plan. Is it happening to accounts that are ViaSat direct like mine, or those through Dish or another secondary provider?

Yes, some of it is users unaware, or not monitoring their usage, maybe even an unsecured router here and there. Some may even be because the user doesn't realize things like Folding At Home uses bandwidth and, some of the used while modem was off or they were away may be simple lack of knowledge on how the meter works. I'm sure many expect it to show usage nearly instantly and, sometimes it does but not always.

Maybe the Viasat People could compare setups and other information between those without a usage issue and those with to see if we can track the cause down. I'm willing to provide any info Viasat needs about my devices (if they don't already have it.)

I suggest this because a few years ago I could not download from EA Games (Now Origin) and it took months of back and forth with me, EA and Viasat to solve the problem but, we got it solved for everyone on a satellite ISP and, it may take a joint effort by multiple customers and Viasat to solve this one.
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That is an awesome idea. Great things can be accomplished through knowledge, education, expertise and first-hand experiences. We are definitely always looking for ways to improve the overall customer experience and something like this will be able to compare and contrast  the customer's different ideas, trial and errors, work-a-rounds, devices and technologies, etc. Thanks for posting and we appreciate your feedback!
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I have NEVER had unexplained usage, not when I had WildBlue and, not since getting Exede either. WE have multiple devices that connect and disconnect here, have had 6 different computers online at various times in our Viasat history (not all at once.) We do have an iPad and iPhone, but everything else is Windows OS. One Laptop and one desktop on Win 7 64 bit, one phone on Win Phone 8 and one HP printer all allowed to use our connection.

I do not unplug the modem or router except for troubleshooting if the service is out, I use it as an always on connection. I don't turn the desktop off ever (except required reboots) It has never gotten stuck in that downloading software loop that some feared was causing the excess usage. (Never heard if that was actually a cause or not.)

My stepson who is no longer allowed to use my connection had a windows 8 computer but it was not updated to Windows 8.1.

For routers I have had Lynksys (Cisco) and NetGear routers (3 in the history of having the service. All properly secured of course.

I use Norton AV no other ad blockers, spyware stoppers or anything except those built into IE and Firefox.

Now lets see what is different for those with unexplained usage.
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The way I see it, the difference is YOU.  You take the time to listen and learn, and contribute, both here and on the other board.  You take responsibility for your own data.  The vast majority of people who post here complaining about their "incorrect" data usage are just simply not as pro-active as you are, and without taking the time to understand what is using their data, simply jump to the conclusion that exede is an evil company out to scam them $9.99 at a time.  

And, on a personal note, happy to have you here posting and doing your best to help too!
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Regarding Windows 8, there is something to be said about the start tiles using data. Here's a blog post about it.
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This is true Alex. Another thing that can make a difference is start up programs that run when the computer is started. many of them do access the internet, even if only to log in. Messengers, game clients, chat programs, automatic updates, anything that has auto sync to an online service (cloud storage)

Still I don't think all of the issues are users alone. I also do not think much of it is ViaSat, though it has been on occasion for a few users.

Once you had to know a bit about computers to even use one. You had to understand what each type of file was and, what it's purpose was and, since you had to type in the command to run any programs beyond a very simple OS, you knew exactly what was running.

Now all you need to know is how to plug in a power cord, push the power button and, click a mouse. Yse I'm sure much of it is caused by what is running on the computers today but, not all of it, and the majority now do not know how to turn off things they are not even aware are running. Perhaps Viasat needs a guide for that that all customers with data usage problems can use to see if it is background programs and processes using excessive data.

Still some of it is not that either and, those are the ones that are going to take a combined effort to solve. Once solved though, we will all know how to solve it quickly if it happens to us again and, for new customers as well.

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Starring Matter and Bev,
Your support is greatly appreciated! (: Your information helps out alot of customers and I know they appreciate you too!
Exede Kimberly
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someone mentioned on another thread on this forum something about facebook accounts frequently updating themselves, depending on the user's settings...and also that facebook reportedly recently started video autoplay?  i don't know when this change occurred and I don't use facebook but i definitely have been an unknowing victim of autoplaying videos.,...when i figured out where my data allowance was getting used up, i changed the settings to stop autoplay and also got flash bocker for good measure.  this can add up a LOT.

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