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I am having the same issues with my data usage being used up. I actually have to buy more data every month just to do my school work online. I have the 25 g plan and I can not wait until my contract is up in February because I am getting new service with a better provider who actually has UNLIMITED DATA PLANS!! I ve had excede for almost 2 years and it has sucked the whole time.  I would not recommend exede to anyone!!!
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Seems as if I have not done all my home work. I thought I had check all the satellite options and Exede was the best deal I could find. I have not had a issue so far. If I exceed my limit, I find out that some one has been using Wi-Fi at the house. We try not to do this, the biggest issue I find that uses a lot of  my time is if I go to a web page, that I am just surfing and a video pops up. I use MSN.COM for my home page and a lot of times a video will start on the page, I wish there was a way we could turn that stuff off. I did find a way to turn it off on Face Book. Its just like a news story will start playing on the web page, and even on the side I have seen some type of advertisement that will have a video on it. I just don't thing there is a way to turn those off.

So far I am happy, and if you are going satellite I am sure you can get unlimited on most sites if you want to pay the big bucks. If you found one at a decent price share. I found out today that even the cable companies are limiting you time. I loved my cable internet when I lived in town, a friend of mine works there and says they just started limiting your time, so cable isn't even unlimited any more. Of course as I said you can pay the big money and they will sell you just about any amount you want to pay. But I would have to think about how much downloading I do to agree to pay a bunch for unlimited satellite internet. Maybe I should do some checking if you found a great deal. But I do good now, so I wouldn't want to pay more, just to say I have unlimited time. But if you found a great deal share it, Please. Thank you

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EDXCEDE is WORST  service ever, customer service wtf.. @ fn year you locked  me up 2 years then tell me i can get the same damn thing for $20 less....does not entice me fuck off
you never answer or call......bad boyfriend...fuck off that God My contract is finally done!!!!!!you fucking suck
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Daniel, I don't know what browser your are using but I am using Chrome right now and I have added the flash blocker and ad blocker and they seem to work really well at stopping all of those videos on the pages.  I am sure there are extensions for the other browsers as well.  As for internet try to find a fixed wireless broadband provider (not to be confused with the cell phone options) many of those are continuing to expand their coverage areas and offer unlimited internet with speeds up to 10 mbps for some but average is 1 to 5.  At our other place we have one and wish I could have moved them down here.  I was just up there last weekend they were running at 4.5 download, 2.9 upload, with a ping of 18.  I no longer have tv service at that place so I just use Netflix when I am up there and the streaming works beautifully at that speed.  When we first got them they were only at 1 mbps and even at that speed we could stream videos though had a little buffering now and then.  But I did online classes even with webinar and it all worked fine.  The only downside to these providers is the majority of the equipment out there has somewhat limited range and the signal can be blocked by a tree (you need a clean line of sight to the tower).  The newer equipment allows for a longer range and perfectly clean line of sight not required to get the signal. Here I am 8 miles from a tower and a line of trees blocks us from connecting...frustrating.  :P  I also was getting that service for about half of what I pay for Exede.  Hope you can find one in your area! 
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yes, you are right.  I can't wait for my contract to be up so I can find a honest company to deal with.

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I agree with you Charles, they say that you get 12mbps but it is so false, maybe 3 mbps.  I can't believe I pay $1,680 a year for crap.
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I never get 12mbps, mine vary between 18 and 24 mbps. I am not in a heavily populated beam.
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Stephen, you should certainly be getting higher than 3Mbps if you are on Exede12. Please send me an email at with your account and contact information as well as the best time to reach out. Please reference this post so we can get this resolved for you.
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Hello Jessica, I'd be glad to take a look at your usage traffic with you to see what's eating up your data so quickly. Please send your info to and we can get started. Satellite data use is definitely an adjustment but can be managed effectively with the right tools. (: Look forward to talking with you.

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