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I need help. Within a week my plan is said to be used up. I dont understand it. When i ordered the service I told them what I had and what I needed. I have already upgraded and it seems to be used up even quicker. Does any anyone have any suggestions on what to do or what could be using all up all of my data.
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Cynthia Baldwin-Spitzer

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Posted 3 years ago

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Andrew Cary

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First you need more information about what caused you to run out of data. My personal experience is that the problem is more likely unexpected data consumption than an error on ViaSat's data volume tracking-- though that is always a possibility.

We would need more information on what your plan is and your internet usage habits before we can give meaningful advice. Having said that.... Here is some general advice.

(1) Find out how the data was consumed. You can either contact Exede's help desk and ask them how the data was used or you can log onto and sign onto the web app to look at the consumption. This app is the same app the Help desk uses. The 3rd icon from the left bottom is the usage information.  This will tell you a lot of information if you poke around in the various links. 

(2) If you don't recognize some of the data usage, or it happened when you are offline/not at home etc. Then I would suspect a data leech. This is someone who is using your connection to get free wifi. This is easy to fix by securing your network more tightly.  By the way, the leech may not be malicous, people are used to hopping onto any open wifi 'hotspot' they find'. One of my neighbors couldn't understand why teenagers would stop in front of her house and stand around on their phones until she realized they were using her unsecured wifi. 

(3) If it does happen when you are online, but you are not doing much. I would suspect an application you are running in background is synchronizing with the cloud or doing updates. My tenant purchased a new computer and burned through the entire months data in two days because it updated the operating system, his antivirus databases, his desktop software, and synchronized his entire email and music collections WITHOUT asking him-all running in the background for two days. Some software developers assume that internet access is unlimited and free.  

(4) Some applications are just data hogs. I personally ran through a GB of data in an afternoon using Google Earth and Maps at high res (tracing a historic railroad route across Marin and Sonoma Counties in California).  Any video (particularly HD video) sucks data rapidly. In addition some apps (like Facebook and many news apps by default AUTOMATICALLY download any video when you click on the page whether you watch it or not. You can usually turn this off in the applications settings.

Just some general ideas....
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Along with the ideas given by Andrew Cary, do you have "smart TV's" connected to your network? How about directv or Dishnetwork? They use a lot of data and normal "update" early morning (mine was around 2 A.M.). I disconnected my Dishnetwork receiver and lowered data use dramatically. Also YouTube, Netflix, and any other streaming service will eat a lot of data. Hope you get it straightened out.
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jo rizzo

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password protection ..   a neighbor is draining you more than likely..  even out in the country I have experienced this.. 
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Having the same problem after upgrading. I have done everything on my end to correct this, turning off devices while not in use, only watching videos (even only couple minute ones) to the free zone time, etc....Been a customer back to the Wildblue days for over 10 yrs. Very unhappy with Exede now after that last upgrade with not being able to return to previous plan.
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Hi Cynthia,

You can email us at and we can look into this for you. Alternatively we do have a beta test of a more detailed usage tool here: 

Keep in mind it is a beta test for a new and exciting data meter we plan to release very soon but it might give you a better idea.
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I'm running 30g of data in 3 days.... or so they say.  I'm ready to bolt.  There are better plans out there.