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I am now in the after 6 months phase of service. I keep being notified that I am exceeding my data. Is this going to happen every month now? I never had Sat internet, I was used to TWC unlimited. I feel that I am being overcharged. I have two cell phones and probably shouldn't have them on the wi fi. we have two IPADS which have to be shut off before bed and when not in use because I believe that data is being used when the devices are sleeping. Thoughts, comments? I am going to try the Netbalancer software and monitor the usage here . TY
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I am having the same problem only I am the only one using the internet, husband uses it 5 min. a day at most.. I do not have any other devices.. do not stream movies, do not use iTunes and still I'm paying $130. for 25GB and still end up having to buy more which is ridiculous.. it's $9.99 for an extra 1 GB. I'm getting ripped of and gouged because I live in the country and they can charge what they  want and they know it. and I have to have the internet. Exede needs to listen to customers. we are not the only ones that are complaining about this.
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Both of you REALLY need to read the data conservation posts. Ipads and phones will suck up data unless you turning off features.

Elaine -  You've posted this several times. Have you tried to find what's using your data and/or contacted the Exede people here?  The vast odds are the problem is on your end and not Exede's so that's where to start.
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and for those who do not use phones,tablets,ect?  and plug directly into the modem via lan cable. my modem can be completely off and unplugged and it will still show data useage. eliminated anything on my end being the problem.
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In your case Josh and from your other post (, it appears that you've already demonstrated that you have a modem, tria or other faulty install issue.

If you've only gone the phone support route so far, I'd suggest sending a email to one of the moderators (i.e. ViaSat employees) at and include your contact information (phone, account). Your issue is being lost in a sea of social media and unrelated problems. 

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Hello Sandy, there could be a multitude of reasons why your data is being consumed before the end of your billing cycle. A few data consumptions that people are typically unaware of are: storage, updates, apps, or communications. The number of devices on your home network also plays a major role with usage. Please allow us to review your account and to figure out where your data is being consumed to help maximize your data. Please send your account and contact info   
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Thank You. i have to make changes. I am starting an EBay store so I may need a business account. I look forwrd to this evaluation.
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Hi Guys and Gals,

I had the same exact problem and even though I have a robust antivirus program I STILL got Malware which can even get through on the BEST of programs; they usually stop just 90-95% but now I have Kaspersky which is proven to be 99% effective in lab tests where they TRY to infect a computer.

Malwarebytes found a common Windows file that was infected and gobbling up data like no tomorrow! I deleted it and now there is not any disappearing data!

So, PLEASE scan with free Malwarebytes and retest.

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Talking about using data fast wanted to give Window 10 user heads up. I get a news letter and in it they said think it's in Nov. Windows 10 is going to do BIG update. I don't have Windows 10 and don't want it. I have Windows 7 and am very happy with it.
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Here's the article---Windows 10 Fall update

The first big update to Windows 10 is coming in early November. And while it is not a massive update (like a Service Pack would be) it still contains a lot of changes and fixes. Most of them we feel will be welcomed by most Windows 10, and some won’t even be noticable.

Here are some of the changes and fixes coming in the Windows 10 Fall Update to be released in early November. The update will be distributed via Windows Update.

Windows 10 Fall Update: Changes
  1. Start tiles support jump lists.
  2. Desktop tiles can have their own color and you may show three or four medium tiles per group now.
  3. Additional Cortana features: inked notes, track movies and ticketed events, missed phone calls, energy saving, syncing of messaging and calling history.
  4. Microsoft Edge upgrades: improved HTML5 and CSS3 support, and ECMAScript 6 and 7 support, tab previews, Favorites and Reading List synchronization, F12 tools can be docked to the window, search engine setting in its own pane.
  5. Locate your device with GPS and Location tracking.
  6. Disallow apps to: access call history, access and send emails.
  7. New Default apps: Skype Video, Messaging, Phone, Sway.
  8. All built-in applications are updated to more recent versions.
  9. Improved memory management.
  10. Reworked Environmental Variables window.
  11. Windows 10 can be activated with a Windows 7, 8 or 8.1 key during or after installation.
Windows 10 Fall Update: Fixes
  1. Apps can be installed to other drives.
  2. Option to define where offline maps are stored.
  3. The color set under Personalization will include titlebars as well.
  4. Improved and more consistent appearance of context menus and drop down menus.
  5. Improved dark and light themes.
  6. Cortana support for local accounts.
  7. Start supports up to 2048 tiles after the update instead of just 512 which was causing some display issues.
  8. Two windows snapped side by side can now be resized
  9. The Control Panel’s Theme Settings have been reverted back to the Windows 8.1 style which gives you more options.
One thing that won’t be included in the Windows 10 Fall Update is changes to Windows Edge that would enable users to install add-ons and extensions (such as Roboform, LastPass, Readability, etc.). There are rumors that extension support in Microsoft Edge won’t come until sometime in 2016 – but there is no official word on that. So, until them, Edge won’t support you favorite extensions and add-ons.  Consider this when setting your default browser in Windows 10.  Windows 10’s default browser is Edge, but you can change it to Internet Explorer, or if you have other browsers like Chrome or Firefox installed, you can make one of them the default. We don’t recommend you use Edge as your default browser because it appears to be unfinished since it has no extension support and cannot render certain pages correctly – yet.
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Any upgrades for apple?

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