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I have been a customer for over 5 years through a couple ownership changes. We had the lowest plan and 10 GB. Earlier this year we wanted a faster speed and now we have 15GB. 

We went over our data when we were taking some online courses this year, but as far as I know, that was the only time. I do work online for my business, have all along, but never had an issue before the online courses. Could have and not known, but I sure noticed when the data ran out from the classes.   

Now I received notice that we are almost out of data 9 days into billing?!! No online classes, nothing new or different – no kids to have caused this. We did not have these issues at only 10 GB for over 4 years. (think our very first set up was less than 10GB) 

Maybe someone hacked into our wireless? Neighbors are spread out though and I think we’d notice someone sitting in their car/lingering around close enough to receive a signal. 

I don’t know what is going on, but for $91 a month this is crazy. I am so happy that cable has finally been run to our tiny area... patiently waiting for them to finish.   

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Wow....I am really glad to find so many others are having the same type issue with the whole data usage too, it's sad but comforting at the same time.

I have been extremely frustrated with Exede and the fact that until Wildblue changed to Exede I never had an issue with going over the limit, or even being notified I was coming close to going over, and I ran a weekly radio program from home! So I now find it odd that it seems as though every month I am going over at least twice and I barely use the silly thing anymore. I don't do the radio program anymore, all I really do is only check email, browsing a couple websites and play games (which I now do from midnight to 5am so it is during "free time"), and I am still having to call Exede to have them add 5g of my free 15g extra so I can finish out the month without having to pay for overages. To me, this whole system seems to be absolutely too frustrating to remain being a customer of Exede's and I will be looking into another service once I confirm when my contract is up.

Before reading that so many others are questioning the same things as I am completely justified what my next step needs to be. And for that I want to Thank every one of you for sharing your questions and concerns on this forum!!
I guess I should also thank Exede for providing a forum for us to share the good, bad and the indifferent with each other, so Thank you!

Merry Christmas and God Bless!!
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Hi Marla,
I feel your pain for not being able to do the many things we have all become use to as in movie and video downloads.

On top of the ideas Steve has offered, there is a program I use that helped me and might help you.

PlayLater and PlayOn:

This program allows you to download movies, videos, TV shows and so on from many different outlets like Amazon, Netflix, YouTube and maybe 50 other places. With the best advantages from doing it during the LNFZ 12 - 5 am.

A second advantage is, you have them on your hard drive for use later as you need or have time to watch, 1 time or a hundred times.

When I first started with Exede, I went through about 5 Gig's in 2 days. Simple math told me, this is not going to work!

I started picking up pointers and help from other forum members and then applied them to my daily internet surfing habits.

Now my wife and I average about .6 Gigs a day and we are still improving our data usage.

PlayOn/ PlayLater is offering a sale now and might be worth trying. We use it a couple of times a week and have more movies and videos than we can watch.

Apply the other auto-play blocking programs and auto-update strategies and you will start seeing the results.

We all want unlimited data, Exede is what we have due to our living locations, and Exede is the best I have been able to find. Use the many data saving tricks and it will improve your internet viewing pleasure's.

Hope it helps,
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Hey Marla, have you been able to send us an email to yet? I'd like to take a look at your usage with you to see if we can figure out where it's going together.
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Everett, is there any limit on how long you can retain the programs from PlayLater on your computer before viewing them?  Like I have said before I'm more of an impulsive user of Netflix and other services but if I downloaded a few episodes of series I like to watch and could keep them handy for quite awhile on my hard drive it still gives me a few options for the nights nothing else is on, only problem is it ties up my computer so I can't work on things while I'm watching. ;-)
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A. Everett Neuman

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Hi Jacqueline,
No limits I am aware of. I have had some movies for several months.

It basically associates your name, email and IP address with the download. I have transferred the movies to my wife's computer via our home network and they run fine.

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Windows 10 has a default setting to update others on the internet as well as on your network. Richard Wills

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