Data Usage Issues - Part Two

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Well, ViaSat/Exede closed out our previous discussion on this very important topic.

Where are our 2nd Amendment Rights?  Censorship in the forum.....LOLLOLLOLLOL

Anyhow, for those of that are concered, for those of you not concerned, not following, not being plagued by this issue; here it is.

First; this discussion has gone on at length at the original post on:

This is the latest I have received from ViaSat/Exede.



I have reviewed the majority of your social media escalations through our Corp office. I have noticed we have previously reviewed your account concerning your data usage and consumption. We have also explained the majority of your traffic regarding data type as well. We definitely want to keep your service as a happy customer. If you feel you’re not getting the speeds you should be receiving going forward, unfortunately we would need to speak to you for further troubleshooting in regards to speed test and so forth. Please feel free to give us a call at 855-463-9333 and ask to be escalated to CORPORATE CARE for further assistance.




Why do you keep referring to speed tests?

It is unexplained data usage.  It is unexplained modem activity when nothing is connected to it.

I believe at this point, our discussion should just end since ViaSat/Exede has no intention on admitting there is indeed a problem either with the modem or the ViaSat system itself.

I will continue with Exede, however; I will not concern myself with the data usage.  If I am penalized for exceeding some unwritten contract obligation specifically stating i AM NOT allowed to exceed 150GB, then so sorry. 

Exede promoted and sold (me) on the unlimited data.  I will proceed with unlimited data in matter how ViaSat/Exede tracks usage, or how it wishes to add to my usage with whatever traffic it sends/receives to/from the modem.

I can see no reason to have to speak to anyone, since it is likely going to be someone reading from a book or screen when answering questions.

i will be posting this to the forum.


I do wish to add this though: the Champions, please refrain.....please.
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Posted 5 years ago

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LesT, you are on the unlimited plan, and still not happy. Only a very small percentage of Exede subscribers have that plan available to them, the rest of us have to live within the 10, 15 or 25 GB limits each month.

I really don't think you can tell others to refrain from whatever it is you want the Champions to refrain from. Have a happy Holiday season.
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Hi Jamie,
You ask;
".i wonder what their true connection to exede is?..."

We are Exede consumers!

And I bet every time you have asked a question or had an issue, one of us offered help.

And, as you can see from my user image; I liked the razor so well, I bought the company!

And as Steve Frederick (one of the other company owners, he uses the razor!) would say:
Happy Motoring !
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A handful of our Champions started off as customers who had an issue, came here, accepted the offer of help they needed and turned around. (: 
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From the Three Missing Links (1938)

Moe: We're terrific!
Larry: We're colossal!
Curly: We're even mediocre!

Curly: I'm not me!
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Jamie - My connection with Exede is over 9 years as a customer for WildBlue/Exede.  That is it.  I have +38 years as an Electronics Engineer for DOD (including military satellite comms) and am now retired with time on my hands. I cruise through this forum from time to time looking for problems where I can help out.  I may have been curt with my answers a few times for people that just want to rant and don't want to listen, but really my intention is to help those that can be helped.
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Well I have found you guys very helpful. But then haven't had any big problems but when had question about modem readings you guys were right there with great information. Also you give good advice and suggestion.--I'm not a champion or a representative I'm just an Exede user like others. 
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Two of us live successfully on 10 gigs a month. It just boggles my mind that someone is complaining when they have 150 + gigs to use.
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You miss the point.  This is not about the size of our plans, but the inconsistent data collection and recording of the data we alledgedly use.

Today I will make my final comments in this forum....ever.
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From what I have been able to find doing some research is that ISP's only pay for access to the internet not the amount they use. Limiting data usage and charges are like all the fees at banks,    free money.
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Where are our 2nd Amendment Rights?
Pretty sure you're referring to the 1st... otherwise things are going to get real nasty and I may have to pull a "Joe Biden" out on the back deck or haul out the musket and proceed to the village green.

But that's a different topic from which I'll refrain also.

When I checked that thread very early yesterday, your request was noted. By that time however, the thread had started to devolve into a monkey spit fight at the zoo, who knows what went on after that and am sure that's the reason it has been yanked.

And while I'm at and also being somewhat politically incorrect... Merry Christmas to all!    

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