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I have a 150GB plan and historically use 40 to 50 GB per month. I have been on a residential plan for over a year and a half. For July Viasat says I used 150GB in 7 days. Totally impossible. I was throttled down to less than 1 Mbps. Customer service told me that there was nothing that they could do. "Sorry you used it." This was after 3 frustating calls to customer service. On the last call the service rep told me that from my usage history that something looked out of place. and that he was going to have this looked into and someone from Viasat would call me. That's never happened. Complete nonsense. Since we had to wait til our account reset on Aug 12th, we have been using our phone hotspots which we can easily monitor data and used less than 16GB. With our phone we get a report of every instance, time and date of usage. Viasat will not provide this information. You just have to take their word for it. Who's kidding who? I wondering how many other customers have legitimately experienced these data discrepancies. They need to come forward as something is not right. I was a business user of excede for a few years and with 4 of us hardly ever went over our allowance which was less than the 150GB plan I have now. It's just me and my wife on a residential plan. Our usage patterns have not changed a bit. Do the math on 150GB of usage in 7 days. Hopefully someone from Viasat will pick up the phone and contact me now. 
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Posted 1 year ago

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Hi Dennis

There could be a few things that might have done this. Major system updates on devices for example happen all the time and use up a TON of data. Usually very little is noticed after and they take place late nights so a lot of times this happens without even noticing. I can't really see what used it without maybe looking at the account (email me at and I can see if I see something on my end.) 

For future self-monitoring we are working on making more information on our App available but also some 3rd party software seems to be highly recommended by users on this forum. 
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Thanks for your reply. I just reinstalled windows 10 on my laptop as I put in a new hard drive. This was after I discovered our 150GB of data disappeared in 7 days. Had tons of updates as I purchased Windows 10 months ago. I did this off of my phone's hotspot because at less than 1 Mbps with viasat it would have taken me a year to install the updates. I did not use more than 9G of data on my phone for the whole month. Not even close to your "Ton of Data" comment.  My wife and I each used our phone hotspots in place of Viasat because even with just browsing, the download speed was so slow that the viasat service was useless. I started using my phone right after my data was gone. I have been a previous excede user business wise and now residentially for a long time. Something is not right and no one at Viasat has given me a logical answer besides saying our records show "You used the data." Our internet habits and streaming have not changed at all. One of the customer service reps said that for those 7 days we were streaming videos and social media all night long,  Uncomprehensible! There's a glitch somewhere. Our cell phone provider gives me an accounting for every minute I'm using data with time stamps etc. Viasat will not provide this to me. I have asked numerous times. That's  horrible for Viasat to not provide proof of usage. Look at our historical usage and tell me something does not look right.  Also we pay for the 25 Mbps boost and we hardly ever get that speed. This just adds insult to injury. 
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Back when I was on the 10GB classic plan I had a trojan virus on my computer that hogged gigabytes of data per hour. I didn't figure it out until after I called them and they kindly reset my plan and it happened again. Ran check on PC and problem was fixed. I called back and told them what happened and they kindly reset it again for me. No trouble. Also I always be sure to make sure devices are in check. Some times updates can fail and be in a constant loop using data. I hope it's all fixed now for you.
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Dennis. Try a simple free tool called Bitmeter

I used to use it all the time to figure out when data was being used. There are some other tools that go much more in depth like Glasswire

My first guess would be that some type of cloud app got turned on and is backing up all your files.