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What happened to exede in May/June of 2017?  Why has the quality of service went out the window? 

I have been experiencing issues with the measurement of data since June 2017.  I have screen shots of the data meter almost daily & sometimes hourly from July 17-August 14th and spent hour on the phone with your company repeatedly required to jump through the same hoops and explanations before getting forwarded to an advanced tech that reset the service completely.  It was working fine again from August till the remainder of September before it again started registering mass amounts of data being used when I am positive the  amounts being reported are incorrect.  Looking at the amount of my time I’ve spent on the phone to fix this issue is ridiculous.

I have screen shots showing that the data was reporting 28.7gb as of 10/10/17 at 7:41am.  On 10/13/17 at 9:35am the screen shot shows the meter reporting 47.2gb as of 10/14/17 at 4:43 the meter reported 77.8gb that’s 30gb, today I have screen shots at 12:27am 81.5 gb, 7:55am 81.8gb, 11:03am 85.6gb, 12:02pm 87.3gb, 3:33pm 90.1gb, 4:07pm 91.2gb, 5:47pm 92.3gb, 7:20pm 94.1gb, 9:32pm 95.6gb, 11:55pm 97.1gb, that is 15.6gb of data today and almost 50gb in a weekend that I was not even home a majority of the time and no devices were left powered on. I have not used the internet but to make three purchases, check Facebook & check the exede data meter.  

There has been very little video streaming this month, none of my devices are set to auto update, no one has hacked my secure network, windows 10 update was two months ago and we do not leave that laptop powered on & is rarely used, main usage is via iPhone & MacBook pro, network passwords have already been changed, I have no children using the internet &  I’ve spent over an hour on the phone or internet chat trying to fix this now before I run out of data & have gotten the run around as if I do not understand what I am doing.  I have paid my bill monthly on time and understand technical problems, but this is beginning to feel as though I am being taken advantage of and I’m tired of wasting my time and not receiving the quality of service I am paying for.  We have a contract and I want it honored.  I want this issue fixed and the repair ticket to escalate to top priority immediately.   

Exede seems to have a history of this problem as I searched google for a solution and found numerous complaints related to this same problem, the Exede community form lists numerous complaints about the same problem, and the consumer affairs site also lists the same complaints.

Waiting 3-5 days of my data meter spinning out of control as if I was live streaming 4K video 24/7 and I won’t have any data left.  I spent two months this summer not being able to use my internet as I wanted & needed and now I’m tired of being patient.  
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  • taken advantage of.

Posted 2 years ago

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Hi Kim

Rarely do we ever see the data being wrong. Sometimes something like a mispointed dish could cause that but 9.9 out of 10 times it's usually something going on in the background like updates, malware or just a few adjustments that can be done to prevent (like social media taking up 25% of data due to autoplay videos) or things like Ads and autoplay videos on websites.

We will be more than happy to do a review for you if you email us at
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BS. BSS. BS BS. i have the same problem. no way possible. according to you guys, i used 5GB data when i was not home and nothing powered on.
report viasat to the cpuc.
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Power off your modem too.
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when i was not home and nothing powered on.
Some device types aren't actually off when they're turned off.  They're actually in standby, and still connected. 
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Nope, I’ve been using satellite internet for 15 years. No device is is allowed auto update or auto play of videos. We do not leave devices powered on outside of being used. This issue has been going on since June of 2017 & Exede techs have analyzed my data and it’s usage admitting that it was not possible to be using the amount of data reported. The reset my signal back in mid August after months of phone calls & the system worked for mid August till October. Now it’s back to spinning data out of control.
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That may be a TRIA and/or cable issue. Moisture in the TRIA, a pin hole in the cable, a bit of corrosion, or misalignment, or any number of other things. Please send that email and allow corporate to investigate for you.