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I just sent the email into the exede cares or whatever it is. I got the address from another post. Anyways here is my issue. I just checked my dashboard(which i do regularly to check on the usage) I do that and check my pc network settings which also gives me my data usage. Well my current data usage is showing that I have used 144.1GB of my 150GB freedom plan. Generally i would not think much about it since i have a teenage son home for the summer that spends loads of time on the internet.
But here in lies the issue. As I said before I also keep an eye on my data through my computers network center which shows all usage via Ethernet and wi-fi. Its usage goes back 30days from when you check and as of right now its showing we have only used 127.3GB in the last 30days which would include 7 days of my last service period since my bill and reset are on the 20th of each month.. So even if it was from my last rest that is a large amount of difference between it and what my excede dash is showing.. But when you add the fact that a FULL WEEK of that usage was LAST BILLING period well then it becomes a HUGE discrepancy. What the heck people? Why screw someone over like that? its ridiculous. I pay almost $130 a month and have been a customer for over 6yrs now.. Anyone else having issues like this?
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Posted 3 years ago

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I've received your email, and am looking into it.  Expect a response soon!

-- Exede Matt B
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Are you referring to the built-in usage monitoring provided by Windows 10? If so be aware that there have been a number of unconfirmed reports that it isn't totally accurate and actually may not include Microsoft's own update activity (I've yet to confirm that on my own and may vary depending on which build you run).

If using Windows 10, you'll find Glasswire to be accurate and more informative. It's freely available at:
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^i agree with old labs on this one... glasswire is a good product and i use it also :3
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Also remember that looking at one computer will only show you what that computer does.  If there are other things using the internet like phones, tablets, direct TV, etc those all can use up your bandwidth.  A phone or table update and youtube watching session can easily add up to a gig per day.
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I set up my traffic counter in my Netgear router that I had behind my excede boost router. And I have it warn me when I get within 5 GB of my cap. To make a long story short, i had the direcTV module plugged into the exede router and I did some on demand movies. And Boom throttled down with plenty of data left on my router. Sometimes it stupid stuff like that bites you in the rear. After I plugged the module into the Netgear router everything was within a couple of GB of what exede says
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That is correct, DirecTV can spike your usage very easily.  I opted for not letting it download content at all.