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I am a network trace engineer for Microsoft for the last 9 years and have been working in the network industry for the last 24 years. I recently moved into a lake house and ordered Exede Service. After the technician hooked up the satellite, I logged in to set up my account and it showed 2.1GB of usage after 10 minutes (and the only thing I was doing was setting up my account) because of that I connected my network sniffer behind my router to get a 100% accurate byte count. It ran all night and the sniffer hardware showed 900mb of data over night. When I logged on to my Exede account it showed 9.1GB.

It's obvious there is a problem. It is either with the way they collect the data or how they calculate, but they need to focus on the problem and fix it. It is obvious I'm not receiving the service I am paying for. I would like an answer from Exede and lacking that, I would say this is prime for a class action suit. If I can hook up a network sniffer, so can others and I would say that if this has been going on for months or years across all Exede customers, this could be millions of dollars they are bilking us out of.

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It's good to know that someone with such great credentials confirms what so many of us have seen on our own accounts.

 I wonder if that contract we signed to get Exede service waived our  right to take them to court and restricted grievances to arbitration? The problem with all of the class action suits I have seen is that the typical settlement results in small, very small, payouts to members of the class, and a multi-million dollar payout to the attorneys. Still, from Exede's point of view a class action would be financially painful and really hurt their ability to recruit and retain customers.

So come on, Exede. There's a problem with your data measurement system. It's broke. Fix it!
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I agree!!! Wish they would fix the issue, quit replying with mere rhetoric, but offer real factual explanations and solutions, and good customer service!
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This is also my experience using my router to calculate my data usage and account for both up and down stream Exede is typically off by 1-2GB per month. Exede has already claimed that I have packet loss, but how does that count for my usage?
I am now going to more closely monitor, because this has become such a bad user experience that Exede must be corrected, and since they are not doing it on there own it is up to their customers. On that note I will not be using Exede after my contract is up, I would rather have a working dial-up connection then a internet that gets turned off constantly.
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Packet loss is due to Weather, antenna aiming, Modem problem, Bad TRIA (Radio), or on into Gateway and beyond. Just "Packet Loss" is not a good enough answer.
Any time a packet is "Lost" the Internet protocol demands a retransmission until it gets the right information. A tree limb or even a small twig in the sight path can cause havoc. Visually check the line of sight, loose hardware, loose connections, corroded connections, etc. 
Again, Packet loss is NOT a viable answer without further examination on all parties ends. Exede and the customer.
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I've been with Exede for 16 months. In the first month, I was shocked at how quickly 10GB disappeared. A few VOD shows and I received the "you're at 70%" warning. It didn't take me long to determine what sucked data and I've adjusted my activity. 
  1. VOD only at night. I've implemented a way so I don't have to stay up until midnight to kick off a recording.
  2. Neither Smart Phone in the house is allowed to autonomously connect to the router.
  3. Whenever I walk away from the laptop (and even when I'm using it but don't have any need for the Internet) I turn the wireless laptop radio off.
In the ensuing 15 months I've lived within my 10GB limit.

That said, early in this billing cycle, I inadvertently left the laptop wireless radio on (connected to the Internet) for more almost two days. I was horrified to find I had used almost 5 GB. I was certain that I had a data leak.

So, over the last weekend I ran a test. Friday afternoon, when I unplugged the router from the satellite modem, I had used 7.3 GB. I left the router disconnected until about 10PM Sunday. Over the weekend I checked usage several times (not from home). The usage meter didn't change.

Sunday, when I returned home, the usage meter was still at 7.3GB.

My conclusions:
  1. Leaving my laptop connected to the Internet for almost two days used a ton of bandwidth,
  2. I do not have a data leakage problem.
  3. Others could have different experiences.
How many people have tried disconnecting for a few days to watch their data leakage? And by disconnect, I don't mean simply not using the Internet. I mean disconnecting your router and anything else that connects to the satellite box.

Of course, you'll have to check your data usage from a coffee shop or library or Smart Phone.

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