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I am a network trace engineer for Microsoft for the last 9 years and have been working in the network industry for the last 24 years. I recently moved into a lake house and ordered Exede Service. After the technician hooked up the satellite, I logged in to set up my account and it showed 2.1GB of usage after 10 minutes (and the only thing I was doing was setting up my account) because of that I connected my network sniffer behind my router to get a 100% accurate byte count. It ran all night and the sniffer hardware showed 900mb of data over night. When I logged on to my Exede account it showed 9.1GB.

It's obvious there is a problem. It is either with the way they collect the data or how they calculate, but they need to focus on the problem and fix it. It is obvious I'm not receiving the service I am paying for. I would like an answer from Exede and lacking that, I would say this is prime for a class action suit. If I can hook up a network sniffer, so can others and I would say that if this has been going on for months or years across all Exede customers, this could be millions of dollars they are bilking us out of.

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Thank you all soooo much for you help!  We've got some work to do before we let our frustration get the best of us.  Heck we have 2 years to figure it out! ha!  We'll look at our direct tv and not connect it to the modem first to see what that would do ( Thanks Jim, very kind and helpful). Perhaps Excede as you say can give us an idea too how it was sucked up this month.  ( Old Labs thanks for the link.  I'll have hubby figure out how to change some of those things too...some are above my head...I'll mess up the computer for sure!)  I do believe it will be something that we'll just have to keep a weekly tab on how much data we are using too.  Thanks again!!  Sandy
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I have an Excel spreadsheet I use to track use that plots daily use against a constant daily use pattern that tells me my burn rate and projects total monthly data use if you wan to try it.
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i download files at 12am-5am and play minecraft online during the day but it doesnt take any data alot of data out of our account, it takes about 1kb/s out of it, and now when i called exede one day they said i was 62 gigs over my account, how when i was over that much when i download during 12am-5am and gaming on minecraft doesnt take but 1kb/s and by the way this just started happening!!! i am very mad about this and hoping at&t will bring DSL to my house! I emailed Exede about this and maybe i can get a reply!
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If you are 62 gigs over your account and still can play minecraft, count yourself very lucky.  Most of us would love to have that service.
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Been having the same issue for last 6 months. Wish they wo uld find the problem and correct it,but I noted the customer continues to suffer by their Mistakes!
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I have this happen to me. i am also quite fluent in TIPCP (they must be on PCP, cause they aint on RFCs). Its one issue in a small constellation of factors that add up. Ive taken deep breaths with wireshark and made myself the monkey in the middle through several avenues. although, the data i actually request and actually receive do seem to be slightly correlated to how exede tallies the packet bananas, they charge you for the peels. Accelenet works by going ahead and sending you data without waiting for you to ask for it. sure, it takes some latency out, but it means they are sending you lots of data, whether you request it or not, and charging you for the data they sent you that you didnt even want. clever, eh? its a win-win. they can advertise faster speeds,  and they ensure a nice padded profit margin for themselves. but thats not all! when factors degrade the network, like a storm, or they oversold a local regional market and the congestion forces them to drop packets, or RF interference or whatever corrupts them, you are charges for the packet they didnt deliver correctly, and charged for having to re-request it, and then obviously charged for the good packet, after you get it. Ive noticed a few times that my SENT packets were nearly twice as many ones and zeroes as my received! not number of packets, but bits and bytes. if you just count packet numbers, it can be misleading as requests are generally smaller than replies. so obviously, i was having to request the same resource over and over because exede couldnt send the right data. im perfectly willing to take it like a man when its due to forces outside exedes control like storms and solar flares (yes, sometimes they do affect it! neat-o!), but when this happens during 'prime time' hours, its obvious that they are accepting more peoples money than they can put where their mouth is. this would be kind of like if you buy a plane ticket, and when you land, the airline is real sorry but they sent you to the wrong airport. and now you have to buy a ticket back to where you started, and then that flight is oversold and theres not enough seats, so you have to buy another ticket for the next flight and hope they just screw someone else on that round. and then buy another ticket to get where they told you they were going in the first place.

i firmly believe that the only reason there has not been a massive class action lawsuit is that the people capable of detecting, documenting, and describing what is happening, tend to be the power nerds, who would never willingly and voluntarily be on their service in the first place. as i read more an more,  ive realized that its simply inevitable. unless viasat-2 in year or so is able to bail them out and buy them some more time to figure out how to rework their pricing tiers/accounting to replace these GOTCHAS with new ones.

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