Data usage, and tricks to lower your data usage.

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I know what you mean! This is my first month on Excede and I went through 6 gigs in the first two days. I am going to hate these data limits! I just wish they had a reset button for us first time users. I have learned a few tricks though since I saw the amount of data I was using. If you have netflix you can go to your account page and set the resilution to low. This will use 1/3 a gig an hour to watch shows or movies. Instead of 3 gigs an hour in HD. Also I have a Netgear router. I use it to bring netflix to my tv. Be sure you turn of your guest network or you may be buying data for your neibors. Also the router is great for turning off your network, I use the power button on the back of the unit. No network, no data usage. This will end any unknown data usage at night. Also with the Netgear Genie you can track your data usage, (advanced settings). Or turn on and off your wired of wirless networks. I now nap in the afternoon so I can do netflix during midnight to five am free time. Also for gamers like me who use Steam or Orgin or Uplay to play your games. Open the program like normal and let it load on line so it can update. Then in steam you click steam at the top of your home page, and then click go offline. You can do this with the other two programs also. Once the progrm restarts in off line mode, I turn off my router, and I can play for hours using no data. This whole data thing sucks but it can be mastered. I used 6 Gigs in the first two days, and only 800mb in the last 6 days. Of course I have had to give up my HD and playing games online. Hope this helps someone out there. Oh and keep you chin up, we can get through this together.
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Posted 5 years ago

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Hi Thomas,
When you asked: 
I just wish they had a reset button for us first time users.
Well, in a way they do. Email Kimberly at:  and ask nicely for some of her Great Gig Give-a-Way kisses.

Maybe she will give you 5 of those Gig's back!

Tell her Everett sent you and she might disconnect your service. No, really she's nice as are all the Exede rep. girls. She will help you out.

I think all of us that experienced the first taste satellite service, got the same Gig's gone by by shock at first. You will find many post on how to conserve data usage here in the forum.

Hope it helps,
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Good tips, Thomas.

You might want to check the following threads:

Data usage tips | Exede Internet Community and Some tips on Windows 8 data usage | Exede Internet Community

to see if any apply. Sounds like you're well on you're way to getting a handle on usage. Some of the others in those threads may help even more and give you some flexibility in balancing wants vs. needs. In my case, they allow me a chance to party hardy towards the end of the monthly cycle when I have excess data to spare (and can actually get some sleep).
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Guess it's kinda running out of food in the middle of the week... Guess I just was too hungry and ate too much.. Maybe I'll go to the food bank and beg for mire
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Just buy some more data, People do it all of the time. I don't know about your world Ray but nothing is free in mine. Have a nice day.
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How do we buy more data. Hughes has it but I thought that Exede didn't have "tokens" or anything like it.

HOW MUCH is that data?
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Hi Ben, there is an option to buy more data through your MyExede Customer Portal at  The Data Usage & Buy More screen gives you the opportunity to first view your usage, which will help determine if you’ll need more data and allow you to purchase data at $9.99 a GB.  
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Hi Thomas, Thank you for sharing all of your findings on how to save data, this will be helpful for other users. Everett shared some helpful information for you, I understand being a first time user with satellite internet data & I will be happy to credit you a few gigs for the rest of the month. Just send me an email to the address Everett provided ( and I will be happy to get those added. =) 
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Hi Emerald my e-mail is
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Hi Emerald--Wasn't sure that gig give away was still going on. Glad to see it is.Glad to get all the helpful hints in the forum. 
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Say all of a sudden having a hard time getting on this site. Keeps wanting name and password. This just started. What's going on?
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Im sorry steve. Im just so upset about this. I havent had any problems up until the last few months. All they can seem to tell me is that i have a congestion problem. Im just so tired of hearing that excuse. They sai my signal is good on my dish and they went in my pc snd cleared it out. So dont. Know what else to do.
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@Bobby It's been little over 2 years since I went to Exede. I had Wildblue but got to much congestion. When I switched to Exede  I was assured they never oversold so there would never be a problem with congestion. Wonder what happen. 
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Hi Bobby, I understand your frustration but congestion is a real
issue. It affects all internet service providers. We do our best to provide all
our customers with adequate access to the internet. Please contact us with your
account and contact information and we will be than happy to do additional
research of your issue.  Please send to  Thanks and have a great weekend!
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Hi diana. I understand what ur saying but it doesnt mattet what time of day or night i go online its always the same thing. They slways tell me its cingestion. Im sorry but thers no way it can be that congested all the time. You would think after calling 5 times they could solve the issue. Ive been with
them almost two yrs and paid alot of money for the service. If i cant get it fixed this time i call im going with another provider. Sorry to say
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Discontinuing an uncooperative service is your only recourse. They "asked for it," in other  words. As soon as I find a suitable replacement where I live, I'll be just a memory for EXEDE.

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