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the thing is watch 2 movies on Netflix and your data is gone watch any video and your data is gone you all need to get with the times ur service sucks and you over charge i pay $70 a month for a service and get get 27 GB  at 3 mbps  when I find out I can get 300 mbps  no cap for 79.00 per mo.  keep up the greed and you will be an 8088 the service was great at first but went to crap after a month when they have you locked in to your contract . promised me 10mbps  got 3 can't wait to see you fail selling all my stocks 
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Allan Gacquindo

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Posted 4 years ago

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This company is such a scam!  I was so relieved when I moved and could get cable service again.  I don't understand why someone has not shut them down over their business practices.  Obviously, there are enough upset customers to do so if everyone got together.
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All I can to this is AMEN!
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Allan Gacquindo

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yes Colorado  pot smokers at the helm 
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I have set the Netflix set at 480p. The picture is good and you save a lot on data.
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Allan, you need to send an email to along with your account number and a contact phone number. The moderators here will look into your system to see if there is a problem. They are really helpful in situations like yours. It is not normal for your service to be that slow. It is true that watching videos and Netflix will deplete your data very quickly, about 2 GB per hour for high definition videos is normal.
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Hello Alan,
As Steve stated the best way for us to take a closer look at your account is if you email us at We are anticipating that with the launch of ViaSat 2 next year, we'll see more widespread data plans and higher data limits for our customers.
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My service has been excellent ever since I set it up over three years ago. I am no longer under contract, and the service is still great! Someone in Exede has been there with an answer or a solution any time I have had a problem. If you check and find your resolution settings in You Tube and Netflix, and any of the other internet video providers you will find them set to highest resolution, but each offers for you to change this setting to low resolution and this will decrease your data consumption from3GB per Hour to .3GB per hour. Give it a try. I believe you will find the service much more satisfying. And it is advised that you use phone or Chat contact with Exede whenever you need an answer.

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Why did it take me so long to try it, David? It really works Thanks
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Just tried ...thanks for the great tip!!
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Hey Alex , why is it that I can leave for 4 weeks and come home and all my data is gone modem off router off please explain 
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Turn your modem back on.  Wait at least 15 minutes, then check your usage again.  Your usage was likely gone when you unplugged your modem, and it's still reporting the same since it hasn't been on.  Assuming your data reset during the time it was off, the meter will reflect the change when the modem phones home again (after at least 15 minutes remember).
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Starring Matter is correct. The modem could take a full 24 hours to report data and if that connection is interrupted unintentionally or intentionally (ie, being unplugged) it'll continue reporting once it goes back online
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Satellite internet is not for watching movies/tv/on demand etc.  A little you tube and surfing the web, email yes.

Now i am not a fan boi of Excede by any means,  cost too much for too little.  But when i used all of my 25 G plan on the day before the end of he period.  I was still able to do email, work on line with my students, basically, email and downloading Microsoft 2013 files.  So they didn't cut me off and i have to give them props for that.

Now EX lets get with the program, unlimited data for the rest of us.

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