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I have been reading the online community messages and
find that I am far from being the only one experiencing problems with data limits.
I originally started with wild blue bundled with directv and since I work on computers part time I opted for the 15 GB limit at that time and carried that over when service was changed to exceed
I had to purchase more data occasionally and tried to limit large downloads to the FZ times but in the past year I found myself  having to purchase appx 10 GB extra per month on a regular basis so I upgraded to 25GB several month ago under the premise that I would save a little by including the 10 Gb in the more expensive plan.  I find now that somehow the entire 25 GB is being used within the 1st couple of weeks in a cycle and I still end up having to purchase more data
On top of this new customers are being offered unlimited data for 1/2 what I’m paying now
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Posted 5 years ago

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Hi James,
I will start with the one bad piece of information you have read or been told.
On top of this new customers are being offered unlimited data for 1/2 what I’m paying now
While the Freedom package is being offered to specific locations, it is not offered to everyone. And we all would like to get it.

Example, in New York City area. The satellite beam that covers this area is not heavily used due to all the hard wired internet services like Comcast and other cable suppliers. I would choose cable over Exede in a second.

There are other area's where the Freedom package is being tested. It is a way for Exede to see if the package would be over used and thereby cause loss of bandwidth for all users. These test areas are for the most part highly populated and not in the boonies where most of Exede's customers are located.

As to your data losses and or over usage. Have you changed anything about your home system before noticing the loss? Do you monitor your data usage for all widgets that connect to the modem?

There are several program that can help monitor your data up and down on your computer. To track everything, you will need a router that offers tracking right at the front door.

I use a Netgear router, here is a snap shot for the tracked usage for everything in the house including the WiFi.

Contact the Exede rep's and ask them to look at your modem and data usage. There could defiantly be a problem on their end and they will make it right with you. Email to this address and include your account # and personal information:

You do not stream your Direct TV through your Exede disk do you? Do you have friends or family that have connections via a cell phone, tablet or lap top?

There is always the chance Exede has a problem with your connection. They are human and equipment can break down or go haywire. But Exede is not out to rob you of your allotted gig's.
Check your end and ask Exede to check theirs, I'm sure you can get it resolved.

Hope it helps,
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Some one is flying too high and might hit ViaSat-1.

Then where will we be I ask you. Where???

And then, God said; "Jonah, what are you doing inside a whales mouth?"

And Jonah said; "Where?"

I tried to get more speed out of my dish today. I thought if that little wall wort was powering it, just think what my 10,000 watt portable generator would do!

Mega Bandwidth!

An old piece of extension cord, a gallon of gas, and BINGO! 

I was ONLINE and pushing data at the speed of smoke!

The receiver on the end started to glow red " you could have cooked a pork chop on my new multi-tool dish".
Then, zip, spit, pop, and a diode popped and put a hole in my siding. 

Then something that can only be described as a welding rod striking an ark, and BOOM!

A wisp of yellow smoke shot from the receiver at about a 43 degree angle straight for the equator.

For a second, I had line of sight to the big Exede internet can in the sky. It was like my personal T1 fiber line to EverettSat-9.

Then I farted at the sound of my generator coughing and going dead. I had forgot to add the gas.

My fart had dislodged my yellow smoke connection, all was lost.

Once I had replaced all my fuse breakers in my fuse box "and my neighbors". I logged in to my,exede, and the whole experiment had only cost be a tenth of a Gig.

And as a bonus, my bank no longer requires me to use a password to access my account. They said something in their server had welded together, and now there was a solid connection from the bank to my computer.

So, I got that going for me.

So, if you need some help getting this Exede service really moving.

1st: You get your gas.

Next you.. get your...., Auh heck, I forget. But it sure as hell was fun to write about.

Hope it helps,
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Happy Holidays to you and your's. Everyone! Even you Charles...
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Everett, you win the internet today!
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In the meantime, Jonah swims and he swims and he swims, until in the end he is all pooped out.

Nice subtle reference embedded in there Everett for those of us who remember 1980 - "Gunga galunga... gunga, gunga-lagunga".     
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I need to learn about this Internet Service. I joined the Exede Internet Service two weeks ago and our data plan is 10G with free 10G's. So total of 20G's. Month to month starts on the 12th of the month and guess what according to what I just checked I am out of Data already. Something is terribly wrong when six days into the plan I have used the Data. I had used 1.7G's as of last Monday and then my Phone kicked inas I have the Exede Voice as well. Now two days later I have no data left. I asked the Sales Rep if there would be additional costs outside of the monthly phone plan and she told me not unless I called Internationally. I fear that was not the truth. I can see no reason for all this usage, I moved over here from Dish and was using 3G's monthly so felt the 10 G plan was more than sufficient. How can I find out what is wrong. I called in last night to find out and after more than 20 minutes on hold I finally gave up and went to bed. If this is going to be the norm of what I use then I surely cannot afford this Internet Service because I spend more time on Web sites searching for the renovations ideas and the products for our kitchen renovation than anything else. I use FB but have the videos clips shut off where they only come on if I click them. I check the news first thing in the morning and turn off the clips as soon as an Ad allows me. I NEVER watch movies and only play one or two King games but on FB. I have a second computer that is set up to Sleep after 10 minutes of no use and rarely use it. I have a tablet that I turn on the WiFi once per day for approximately 10 minutes. Anyone have any idea why I would be using this type of Data and only since the phone was connected????
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Hello James, satellite data can be a challenge to get a hold on, at first. If you can send me your information to, I can go over your usage with you to see where it's going so quickly as well as ways to prepare for next month. Thanks for posting.
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Hey James, I see that Exede Emerald has picked up your case and you should hear from her shortly. (:

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