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This is not a complaint, just an observation.  People who chime in here complaining about their data just disappearing should unplug their router when not using the Internet.  Better still would be to unplug their ViaSat modem. Why?

Open your web browser and go to and click the Modem button.  Look down at "Ethernet Interface Statistics" and notice the "Transmitted Bytes" and "Received Bytes."

You are looking at a static page where nothing is changing, no animated GIF's, nothing, but yet the data is counting. This goes on day and night.

Want to trim your use?  Put your computer, router, and ViaSat modem all on a common power strip and after you turn off your computer, turn off the power strip.  It only takes a minute for the ViaSat modem to boot next time you go to start your computer, it will probably start faster than your computer.  The data stops with the power switch.

The last thing you should do when shutting down your computer is check your data usage, and the first thing would be to check again when starting up.  Changed?  It shouldn't, but if it did, alert Exede and seek assistance.  If they give you the 'run-around' ask what your IP number was during the down time, (you didn't have one), that settles an argument quickly.
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Craig, thanks for the tips!

We certainly don't want people to have to monitor their usage so closely as the norm, but if someone feels there may be an issue with the reporting, the more information we have the better.
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I do this and it's never been wrong.      :o)
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The Ethernet Interface Statistics are misleading and include traffic that only flows between modem and router (or device if no router is present). All of those statistics are available in raw form from:

Easily deciphered when you compare to the page itself. In fact displaying the page itself causes them to creep ever upward the java script running on the page calls the cgi script every second in order to update the statistics as well as other information on the page as needed. As such it's not a static page but rather dynamic.  

What's really needed are WAN statistics (i.e. what's flowing between the modem and satellite). It appears they're present in the modem from inspection of the java script on the page but inaccessible unless logged in as an installer (there are various query parameters to the cgi script).

Similarly, it's reasonable to expect that there is some handshaking traffic that flows only between the modem and satellite - it has never been mad clear whther that handshaking is part of the data counted against usage - likely not a large amount anyway.

P.S. As an afterthought, those having routers should check to see if it's cloud enabled - some are and mine is capable but disabled.      

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