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i left home for a week, had my system unplugged and when I got home and went back to using my internet it said I had used all of my plan. Is anyone else having data issues recently? I'm very disappointed, I cannot get any work done or access many of my accounts I need to access on the net. I filed a ticket with customer service and was given a response trying to sell me telephone service and closed the ticket without trying to help me at all.
I've taken many steps on my part to try and see if there is something going on on my end. We changed the passwords on our router and all of our accounts, I purchased data to be able to get some. Things done and in 24 hours it used up the 2gb I purchased extra. Something is and wrong here, we have no viruses on this end either, we have had all of that checked, were longtime customers and have never had a problem this is very disappointing to us.
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Hello Stepheny, I would be more than happy to review your account with you to pinpoint your data consumption. Please take into consideration that when you unplug your modem which ever data you used prior too, will be updated to the meter once the modem is powered back on (our modems reports usage within half hour increments). Please feel free to send us an email at Look forward to hearing from you. Thank you. 
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Stepheny, I was just involved in another discussion where people are talking about lots of sources of data loss without knowing why.  and I was just wondering to myself about people who post exactly what you said:  they had the modem unplugged--then they plug it in and a whole lot of data or all data allowance is gone!  which sounds so wrong of course.  But here is what I was just wondering:
(and I am not directing this just to you Stepheny, but in general I am wondering about this problem in general--it interests me because it sounds so mysterious)
after you plugged back in, how soon did you check to see how much data usage you had left?  If you checked it IMMEDIATELY and know for sure what the amount of data left was before you unplugged your modem, seems pretty straightforward there may be a problem somewhere--although I suppose it is possible that at the moment you unplugged, you might have used some data that hadn't yet been recorded as used by exede-you would then see this data counted when you turned your modem back on days later---but again,  in your case doesn't seem like that should be almost ALL your monthly data that you would find used up for that reason. then I wonder, if you turn your modem back on, might not the devices connected to your Exede system start updating themselves all at once?  I wonder if this could account for a sudden increase in usage.  If the same devices were connected all along, then you might see a sudden temporary increase in usage while devices caught up on  updates, but wouldn't think you'd see your usage going way higher than what you feel it should be or what it usually is.  
This may not be the case, but I am thinking that if I want to be really sure about what is going on, I would need to unplug my modem, then go online and see what Exede says my data usage is at that point.  and then right BEFORE I plug my modem back in, I should go to the exede site and see what my usage is reading.  and then plug the modem back in.  Seems like I need to do it that way to be SURE that there is usage occurring while the modem is turned off.  and again I suppose some amount then could be usage that occurred shortly before I turned off my modem, which hadn't yet had time to be counted by exede system yet. But I don't think it would be that much data that just hadn't been counted yet?
And  a question to the geeks out there who know more than I do (you know who you are!)  Are some devices set up to update themselves in a data using way every time they are turned on?  I ask this because if so, it seems like unplugging my modem in certain cases might trigger a surge in data usage (when modem is turned back on), causing me to use more data  than if I left my devices connected and on all the time?  as long as each device is set not to do auto updates except during late night free zone?   Or is there a finite amount of updating any device is going to be doing on itself, regardless of how many times you turn it off or on? (do I sound as confused as I feel right now?)

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