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I have had Excede for just over 2 years and my contract is up. My plan is $60.00 a month for 10GB. In the beginning I was told that this was a plan for most people I.E. work all day come home in the evening, do not stream or watch many videos. At first this seemed to be working as promised, but little by little the warnings started to come. Watch your usage. Since I am not at home during the day, I turn off the receiver so there would no doubt that I could not be unwittingly using any data. I also turn it off when I go to bed at night.. I also make it a point to avoid watching videos. But it has been a losing battle. Going over the data limit has become the norm even with these tactics. There have been times when I have paid for an extra gb to get through but since my contract has been up it seems like the allowance is getting used up even faster. The last 3 months I get two weeks before it is gone and I have just been dealing with it.. I recently started learning Italian online and again two weeks into the current cycle no more data. So this time I decided to buy not 1 but 2 gbs extra. It was gone in less than 2 days and I did not spend any additional time online either I just wanted to have the speed necessary to run the program. I CALL B.S. I do have a data tracker and it consistently says I am using less than Excede says. I am in a rural area. There are no options for me except for Excede or Hughesnet. I feel like there is a deliberate attempt to force me into a new plan and a new contract. Before I moved to where I am now I had access to a DSL from the phone company. Half the cost unlimited data and great speeds. Lately I have been going to library I have to drive 30 minutes to town but it is always free with better speeds. Crazy? Maybe but I am beginning to think it is better than $60.00 for two weeks.
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Posted 2 years ago

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This happen to me also. A large part of the problem is websites are using more and more data now. Auto staring videos are on all most all sites now, and sometimes you don't even realize it. A flash block and other addons to your browser can help. In my case I decided to upgrade my plan with one with more data. You can upgrade your plan without a new contract, just go to your account page and see what is available to you. 
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Windows 10, mobile devices, etc.

10GB in 2012 doesn't go very far in 2018.

And expect data usage needs to continue to grow as the internet becomes more data intensive.
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Hi Francis,

 I think a lot of that has to do with how the internet has evolved over the years. Take a news site for example. a few years ago it was largely articles sometimes a video and now almost every story has the accompanying video with the story. That makes a small page go from nothing more than a email's worth of usage to almost being like watching YouTube. 10GB probably was usable and acceptable a few years ago but now I'd say that's a little outdated but you are under ABSOLUTELY NO OBLIGATION to change your plan at all. You can be grandfathered into the plan you have now. If you are feeling that the plan isn't stretching as it once did we are offering unlimited plans for a comparable price in many areas.
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ADs, Facebook, video, email attachments, Windows 10, any application with "auto update" enabled, antivirus, firewall, office suite, etc.... all of these and more are like "vampires" sucking the blood from your Internet allotment any time your PC/laptop is on. The only way to ensure that no Internet is being used is to turn your computer off. BUT, when you turn it back on, it all starts again.  You can control this somewhat but it involves a little knowledge and a lot of vigilance.

And as the VeteranSatUser said above, 10GB just ain't enough to cover it.