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I have a 15GB plan which gets eaten up within half a month regularly. Two users, no streaming videos (perhaps 10 min of youtbe video on lowest resolution in a month), no netflix, all devices have automatic updates disabled. Basically all we use the internet for is web browsing and email. I just don't what is using all our data. We live in the country with no one in sight, let alone in a position hack our wifi. Previously lived in an area where comcast/fios was available and I see Exede offer massive GB packages to compete. Can't help but feel being majorly taken advantage of since where I am now satellite only and no real competition. Didn't we land some kind of probe on a moving comet in 2015? And I can't get a proper fair deal on an internet connection...

Is there a way to tell what devices are using data for?
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Do a search on this forum for help on finding out where your bandwidth is going.  Others have had the same question, and there are many people who have contributed answers.
I use a free program, NetWorx.  It monitors my usage, applications, and I can set it up to monitor both monitored and free times.  I am in no way associated with them.  It just works for me.  Maybe it can help you too.  There is a graph you can watch when something is hogging bandwidth.  You can set it up however you want.
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Simon Greetings, See my post here (at the bottom), it will help you. PeAcE
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Download and install the free version of Glasswire on each of your computers, assuming they are Windows based.  It will show you how much each application on your computer is using.
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I use the free version of NetLimiter. It is reasonably accurate.
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Download Netbalancer, 
It allows for you to (with a click) to disable your PC's ability to access the internet, yes even the OS will be prevented from accessing the net, it also has the option to password protect the settings.
If you do this it will without drama tell you if it is on your end or Exede's.
But without a little digging it's all speculation.
I would download Malwarebytes Antimalware as well and let it scan your PC to eliminate the off chance that its virus or malware related.
Both programs are free and have good reputations.


Notice that both links are to the publishers site and are secure (https) this is very important when downloading software.

Netbalancer will also keep record of used internet so if it is on your end you will know exactly what is using it.
PS if you are infected and need assistance (free) stop by a community that I am proud to be a member of that focuses on Security advising and Malware Removal located here: we are very friendly and knowledgeable, many of the members are IT professionals and security enthusiasts that work in these fields and donate free time to helping. PeAcE

**Using adblock is outdated and not advisable (in my opinion) Adguard is system based and covers all major browsers and is a far more supreior and secure, found here:

                                                                                      AKA: Lawrence Shimer
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Hi Simon,

Could you email us at We can look and see where the data is going or see if any surprise devices have connected on your wifi, ect.