Data cap changes, possibly? Dunno what else it could be.

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I stream NO movies, I DON'T use Pandora, rarely use YouTube, my phone is turned OFF when it's not in use, I am home A LOT LESS this year, and I live alone. WHY WHY WHY, am I reaching my data cap within 2 weeks of the start of my billing cycle???
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Posted 3 years ago

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Could also be updates to your phone for all your other apps. Happens on a PC, so should be the same for a phone
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I'm more inclined to believe that it's all of the above. I have 4 windows 10 machines, a couple of ipads, and 4 kindles. I also have a smart TV, a smart DVD player, an 2 XBOX 360's, and an XBOX ONE. I have removed from my network my smart TV, my SMART DVD player, my XBOX 360 and XBOX ONE. We rarely connect our Ipads, occassionally conect some of our KINDLES (to get purchased matereial such as eBooks, games) and I still get to enjoy Liberty PASS. It's still OK. I'm inclined to believe that WINDOWS, APPLE IOS, and of course AMAZON with their KINDLE OS are constantly pushing ADS down to our devices. This kind of traffic is NOT WNATED in my house. We pay alot for this internet service and should have more control over what we receive.
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David:  I am not asking Exede to tell me how to use my data.  When all devices including the router are off, and Excede records I used 5Gs overnight, something is wrong with the modem to Exede, not with device to modem.  Ever since the repair to the modem, my data use jives with what I measure and it is reasonable.   I have now seen both sides of these discussions.  The difference is the modem repair.
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First and foremost Exede has the market on those of us who can’t utilize any other form of Internet. Second they have always blamed “US” the consumer, for their inability to be honest about their billing. I have been a customer for 6 years and every month we are full up by the 12th day of our billing cycle. We pay 6 to 700.00 per month for Internet. No movies, no games. I’m the bookkeeper for my church, once a month I do bank stuff, might search for recipes once or twice a month. Long story short, poor coverage, poor customer follow up, it’s your fault. Would love to find alternative.
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You pay $700 a month for internet?
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They better check her work for the church!!!
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Dang. I would guess you are writing it off too?
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ok so here is a link to my idea of how to save your data.     

that is how i did to save my data (even though imma on the freedom plan :3 )
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Hello Terry, 

Please allow us to review your account and see if we can assist with your consumption questions. There could be a multitude of reasons why your data is being consumed before the end of your billing cycle. A few data consumptions that people are typically unaware of are: storage, updates, apps, or communications. The number of devices on your home network also plays a major role with usage. Please send us your account and contact info to
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I have contacted customer service about usage and the answer is Social Media. I don't do Social Media. I don't stream movies, I search recipes for church stuff and I order office supplies. Once a month bank reconciliation on line and my 3 accounts that are paid ACH, and 1employee paid Direct Deposit. So when I ask customer service why? Do all of what I mentioned above constitute Social Media?
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what service packege do you have?, who is ok'ing the purchase of additional data?
$700 for internet?
for some reason, I am not seeing the whole picture here. and this has been going on for six years? and you are now just saying something about it?
You could get a smartphone or tablet from a cell provider and just tether the internet off of that if you use it so little data.