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My experience with Exede/Viasat satellite internet service.  I signed up for the service in June 2017 with my first bill July 4th 2017 of $88.27 this included internet service and phone service.  I was pleased with the price the phone service worked fine and the internet when under my data cap averaged around 3 mbps down.  I live in the country so this is not to bad, when I would go over my data cap service would slow down to around 0.25 mbps down.  I subscribed to the EasyCare so the company would be responsible for any equipment issues.  When I singed up the sales person made big promises on the upcoming improvements once the new satellite was operational in the area of speed and data cap so I thought I would wait them out.  After about six months had an issue with the equipment they sent a service tech out who repaired it with not additional cost to me (yeah service plan!), the repair kept it working but with no improvement to speed.  I have changed plans to where I’m now on a 12 mbps plan with unlimited data but they still gate me back after 40 GB (speed has never reached 12 mbps down) bill now runs $123.15 per month.  Service for the last six months has been intermittent so called and had them run a test they determined that something was wrong on my end so they had me call and set up a service tech the company they referred me to no longer services Viasat.  Called back to customer service and they scheduled a tech to come out, not a problem I have the EasyCare.  The tech arrives and tells me that the original install was not done correctly and proceeds to fix the install real nice guy very professional.   The only time cost came up was when he said there is a fee ($65.00) to run the wire down inside the wall not an issue told him just to skip that because I could do it myself.  After the fix service is stable still around 3 mbps to 0.25 mbps but I have service.  It had gotten so bad that my VOIP phone service would not work.  When I got the bill there was a $95.00 service charge, I thought ok they must have not realized that I have the EasyCare, called customer service and was told that the fee was to replace the cable as it was not covered.  I explained what the tech had told me that the original install had been done incorrectly (not grounded and tied into preexisting cable).  Customer service told me that the tech had told me there would be an additional cost (he did not) and it did not matter that Exede/Viasat had completed the original install incorrectly it was my responsibility and the $95.00 fee would stay on my bill.  Not real sure how their tech installing the system wrong the first time is my responsibility.  Based on my experience with this company I would not recommend doing business with them.

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Posted 2 years ago

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Sounds about par for the course. Easy care, yeah right
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I had this happen on one of the accounts I manage. Call Viasat. Ask to cancel your service when you get to the robot and they will take you to the cancellation department. you don't have to cancel but tell them all of this. Let them know that you were not informed of the $95 charge prior to it . Let them know that it was caused by a bad install in the first place Let them know that you don't think you should have to pay for their multiple mistakes. Ask them how they can help you. After that you should at the very least refund your $95. They may just apply the amount to your account but then that's $95 you won't have to pay next month. In the future ask for a manager if the bottom of the barrel guy won't help in a case like this. 855-463-9333