Service tech did not show up; slow speeds

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Here's what I've experienced, I hope this is a fluke otherwise this is criminally bad service. It would be funny if it wasn't such a hassle:

1. Tech came out for install; was rude to my wife, left trash and tools (literally forgot tools). Internet was a blazing 2mbps on the 12mbps Freedom plan.

2. I called a week later on slow speeds after testing in morning and night, never got above 4mbps (my wife works from home and needs 5 minimum). The customer service rep accused me of not doing my homework, and that I should have paid attention to the word UP in 'UP to 12mbps. And yet the sales rep that got me to sign on promised me a low of 7.

3. I called two weeks later with an average of 2mbps for the week, and they said the system needed to be 'cleaned out.' They did some hocus pocus and my speed went up to 12 for an hour, then right back down to 2.

4. My internet went OUT completely, (keep in mind this is less than 5 weeks of service!). I called for repair, rep told me a tech would be out FRIDAY 9/27.

5. On Friday, in the last 30 minutes of the service window, a dispatcher texted me saying, 'did your guy show up yet?' I said no and then the story changed to, 'Oh he's actually scheduled for tomorrow.' WHAT?!@#. I went with it and agreed to SATURDAY, 9/28.

6. SERVICE TECH DID NOT SHOW UP A 2ND TIME. Dispatcher guy texted me in the last 10 minutes of service window, 'Did he show up yet?' I said no, he said he'd check on him, and then I couldn't get ahold of him after that. They didn't follow up or even try to reschedule, I had to call in and schedule a THIRD service call. This one wasn't until WEDNESDAY; meanwhile I'm burning through data on my cell phone for internet, paying overages to compensate for Exede's complete incompetence.

7. Service Tech showed up on Wednesday, 2/1, and 'fixed the problem,' Congratulations to me, my new speed is a whopping 0.85mbps, on the 12mbps plan.

How in the world is Exede okay with this? The customer service reps HAVE to feel guilty telling people over and over again, oh it's just congestion, oh it'll clear up soon. If i'm going to get less than 1/12 of the service I'm paying for, then I'm going to adjust my payment to 1/12.

Can anyone from Exede fix my problem? I don't want a 10th crappy explanation, I want this fixed. Otherwise you are not fulfilling your end of our agreement and this contract is VOID. If you try to hold me to the 24month deal without carrying your end of the deal, I will go to the FCCC, your VIASAT BBB account, a police report, and change my credit card number and flag any future attempts to take money. Provide the service you promised or let us out; I refuse to 'buy my way out,' and pay $360 as the last rep recommended when this is your fault, not mine.
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Posted 3 years ago

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I don't know if it is my location, the Hawaii Big Island, but since I got my system back in Dec 2014 I've had consistent good experiences from the local installer, national tech support and national accounting when my credit card expired. Only issues: When it rains real hard my service goes out temporarily. Speed goes down to 3 to 5 mbps in the evening but during the day will exceed 12 mbps. I'm on the 150 GB Freedom plan and seldom runs out even though I stream a lot of movies and TV shows. Also have T-Mobile cell service using WIFI via Excede and that consistently works great with clear calls just like a land line. I have a Netgear Nighthawk X4 / AC 2350 Wireless Router.
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Excede doesn't have Freedom plan any longer.
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Yes they do.  Only in limited areas and they don't last long.  So if you see it you better grab it and if you change to another plan, you will likely not be able to get it back.
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The Up to X mbps is a tactic used by ISP's so that even if they offer you horrible speeds 99% of the time they can still advertise that they have 12 mbps and be perfectly within their contracts.

As far as techs go mine was ok. Didn't seem like he knew a whole lot about what he was doing and had trouble wiring it up, but in the end he got it working.

This is just my speculation but with all the complaints about speeds it seems like exede has oversold their capacity in hopes that the new satellite will bring them out of this mess.
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TJ - Please share with us where you live.
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Ramona, CA
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If you open up a browser window and type "" (without the quotes) in the browser address bar, you will see your Modem/IFL Cable Status page.  On that page, what do "Cable Resistance" and "Cable Attenuation" show?
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Hi TJ 

You can send an email to us at and we can go over your service and look into this for you
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Thanks Brad, I did, haven't heard back yet.