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Hello We have had issues from Day 1 as my records with you should doccument. I am making a last ditch effort to work with you and if Exede does not wish to work with me than just cancel service today! Consider this my notice/request unless issues are resolved. The #1 issue currently is I am disconnected because I refuse to pay for the period for which I had no service. From the day I called and you told me that the router was not working(thus no service) and I told you to cancel then because I am on a fixed limited income due to disability and could not afford to replace! This was approximately October2015. I began to pay again when all of the sudden I had Internet service!? No calls were placed asking to restart service and the router had NOT been replaced. Should be fairly easy to see that I was without service during that time. Now I am being billed for this time! I called and was told the amount was added because there was a credit card reversal. The reason there was a credit card reversal is because you billed a credit card not belonging to me. In the past I had someone pay my bill with their card and I gave them the cash to cover. Since I had canceled,I did not give the money and they did not authorised the payment. You were informed that the card was a one time payment when it was used. So the issue is now that my bill is huge,couldn't pay it if I wanted to. I don't want to because weather or not your CS documented my call I did. If you wish to resolve this issue we can then work on the rest of the issues including the next huge one which is the need to reset daily at least 5times per day and frequently with out service for at least half the day. Sometimes it comes and goes other times it's hours. But I have not had 1 single day of smooth service in at least 3 months! As you are aware, in the beginning we were lied to by the sales person. Then when he came to install he brought paperwork that did not reflect what we had agreed to. He told us that was an easy fix,an error,slip of computer key. We requested that he document that on the paper work he left and he did! He wrote; "fully unlimited Internet service at 64.99 mo& Not the evolution plan" and signed it.We shared that with you after our service was discontinued for " going over data cap"...which we should not have had according to paperwork provided by your representative. We escalated to corporate. [Harris] He agreed that we were decieved. He also agreed that we infact had NEVER signed ANY contract with you. And actually offered higher package at same price were were paying,however we never received that. I don't wish to be on the phone for extended periods with Exede. I've done that plenty of times and it exacerbates one of my disabling conditions. Please review my full account and then respond. Please do not charge anything to that last card which was used as 1 time payment as it does not belong to me[this too you should have on record,I do in a recorded phone call-Michigan is a 1 party state] If you don't respond to this email than consider service disconnected at time of suspension as I have previously called&recorded that call also. I also paid in advance,please don't for get that. My payment in advance was higher than my current payment yet I was never given credit for that? After you have fully gone over my entire account. Again I do not wish to be on an extend phone call,please keep that in mind. I would hope that this issue can be resolved. Please advise. Sincerely, Dylan B. PS I will be happily delighted if you chose to resolve this issue. I see so may Facebook groups with numerous complaints that I am not confident that anything will be done. I won't be forced to stay with ExeDE as I have the option to move into the Xfinity service well I'd be happy to sign any petition started on! I am but one disabled individual and have had more issues with Exede than an entire community should.
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This is a puplic discussion forum not a direct path to Exede. They have no idea who you are from your post here. You need to call or email them. As far as the unlimited data you were lied to by someone who doesn't work for Exede. Nobody on Exede gets unlimited data.
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Hello Keeslar, 

Due to the fact that this is a public forum, I have removed your personal information for your privacy.  I’m truly sorry for your service experience thus far, this sure isn't the impression that we strive to give off. Unfortunately we do not provide any unlimited packages all our plans have data caps.  If you experiencing any connection issues related to your Exede service then we would certainly need to troubleshoot and issue a service call if necessary. We would be more than happy to review your account and see how we can assist. Please send us your account and contact info to Thank you.