Comcast: We've stopped throttling speeds for heavy internet users, for now

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Hope this is the beginning of the end of throttling....

Comcast says it's ended its practice of slowing traffic for heavy internet users but reserves the right do it again.

Internet service provider Comcast says it no longer needs to throttle speeds for heavy internet users, ending a network-management technique it's been using since 2008.

Comcast announced it has switched off a system it's used for the past decade to manage network congestion.

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Posted 2 years ago

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Well, lucky them I guess? This may be the start of non-throttled cable and fiber internet options, but that's only because they can expand their servers to prevent congestion whenever they please, so I don't see this affecting satellite internet customers at all. Ever to be frank.  The nature of satellite just doesn't allow for it, especially not when the satellite companies stuff as many people as possible per satellite that has a limited capacity. Only good I can see coming of this for us is maybe mobile carriers will follow suit, but I doubt that. Even as you said in your post, Comcast still reserves the right to switch it back on in case it doesn't suit them, so this is a baby step at best and can be easily retracted.  

Tl;dr don't get your hopes up.
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Had to have my dish moved so I can get a new roof. Technician said my slow speeds are due to a overly congested beam, nothing will make it better. Exede/ViaSat oversold and they know it! Up to 12 MBPS is a joke. Crooked company.
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I just read an interview with Mark Danckberg (CEO/Engineer) back in Mar 2018. He speaks in generalities and is vague on their ability to effectively diagnose and fix the Viasat 2 antenna failure. Two of the antenna on the bird aren't in a position to provide promised speeds. He does mention that commercial service is up and running - read into that what you will. But more to your point, it only makes common sense that if you heavily market a new high speed satellite the added new customer base will take a toll on the existing satellite. I think you are right on the money.

As I have repeatedly said, a solid business ALWAYS, "under promises and over delivers". Now we see just how valid this old business maxim is and why it will always be true in any business model...
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Despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary, for example Microsoft, Google, and Facebook, I still hold to honesty, integrity, and profit in that order.  An organism that regularly dines on itself cannot endure.