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If I'm paying for 25GB and only use 50%, why don't you give me a carry over option? Unfair and probably illegal!                           
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Posted 2 years ago

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No carryover. Data is not like gasoline, the capacity of the satellite gets used or goes away, into oblivion if it is not used each moment. Whether you use it or not, it costs Viasat to make that data available to you. If you are not using all or almost all of your data each month, you may wish to consider a plan with a smaller allowance.
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Kdralph, have you ever heard of a home internet provider having a rollover option? I sure haven't.
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 fmj77 - you have seen the same thing we have seen for ISP
[none that offer rollover] but it might be nice.
 there was just 1 cell service that offered rollover - then in time others have similar rollover plans as competition between those service providers made them do that.
 some only offer a [fake] unlimited or a rollover that expires eventually.
 Some day - the competition might be for isp to enter the rollover data offers.
and the unlimited data [as many isp are unlimited]
 I myself would enjoy the unlimited to have the ability to watch movies and surf along without any worry about the data being used up.
 Excede net is plenty good enough speed to watch movies, But the data cap prevents [stops] us from watching movies or even YouTube video  (wah)
 but this will change in the future -
it wasnt too long ago that we didnt have "any" highspeed internet here in the woods.
 the ISP services are improving.
but I still want unlimited
and of course I want it for free ;)

dream on. . .
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This topic has been covered many times before. Did you search the archives? Probably not.

Bev is absolutely correct.

There isn’t a reservoir of bandwidth where unused bits and bytes are stored until they’re needed.

Think of the satellite as a bucket of water. Let’s say it’s one gallon. Let’s say you can drink the gallon of water anytime and at any pace during the month.

This month you only drink half of that gallon. So, you have half a gallon left and you roll that extra half gallon into next month.

Immediately, you have a problem. You can probably see the problem in your mind’s eye. Your bucket holds only half a gallon. That extra half gallon from last month spills over the side and is lost - in the vacuum of space.

Roll over - nice idea.

Roll-over - technologically impossible.
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It isn't in your contract.  
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I think the reason why this isn't offered has been pretty well answered on this thread. But just so you have a company answer: We do not offer rollover data. Everything is a use it or lose it plan. To have rollover data would cause FAR more problems than solutions. On the positive side our new satellite is almost ready to start offering the perks of us doubling our entire bandwidth. We will have much more flexible data options so things like streaming won't be a data killer like it is now. 

You are under no obligation to stay on the current plan you are on now. If you're not on our lowest tier plan, you can always downgrade without any effect on your agreement.