Can't wait for my contract to run out.

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I'm really up set with your service I can't wait till my contract is up, when it is I'm dumping your service. I have been told by a perfessional that the wrong equipment was put in. There is no way I used up 70 percent of 10g in 5 days. i have 15 g on 4 cell phone and don't even use 10 g on them and that's 4 people using it here at home. It's only two of use and I haven't been on it for 2 to 3 days. Your installer said for how i use the inter net i shouldnt use that much he said that he had the same plan as me and he has 5 computers on his with 3 kids using it all the time and he doesn't use 10g . So to finish I cant wait to cancel my contract with you, and be sure I will let my friends know the poor service you give. Maybe even put on face book to my friends. I even know a few other people that has the same problem. They make hot spots with there cell phone because they run out of g;s. they even use less time on the inter net than I do. So good by when my contract runs out.
Donna E. Ptak
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Posted 4 years ago

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I can't wait either. I am 74 years old and not having phone service when it rains is sort of inconvenient in South east Texas!!
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Hi Donna, We want to keep you in the Exede
Internet family. What can we do to turn this around? We would love to look at your account to make sure you have the right equipment and are on the correct plan for your family.  Please send us your account and contact information to
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I feel you all.... I am over a year and have yet to have a solid month! Early on I kept being told there was too much traffic in my area, that was the issue. Thats like saying we sold more than we can deliver! At one point I asked well if you sold more than you can support maybe you should divide the bill and we will pay 5% since we seem to get about that much service. Then it was a new Sat was to launch and 6 mo later I am still hearing the same "the new Sat is close".

I will say after almost 200 Hours of Tech Support, L2 Tech support and NOCH (engineering) We had almost ONE solid month.
My biggest complaint has been the lack of interest in fixing issues: While my case was escalated it was like starting over every time I called in, hearing what I consider just BS and fibs. Over 10x my case was 'Closed' because of waiting for more info but only ONCE did I actually get a call asking for new info. When I called NOCH back with the new info they claimed the web page I was trying had blocked their IP addy. Problem with this fib was I could not access any https page or very few.

It is HARD to get an agent that seems to care but I have gotten a few that seem to care and while my experience with Exede has been bad enough I have considered moving to not need exede, I also found Ubiquiti Networks that can relay a signal up to 8 miles w/o FCC license. Its BAD when I have to use cell service for "faster Internet" .... I am rambling or venting. If your interested in keeping exede call in every day and MAYBE you will be lucky enough to find a TS agent that cares. Problem is once you hang up Its not likely to find another one next time you call. I stay HOPEFUL (but I may be a fool) that this new SAT launch will deliver a little hope of a solid network.

It seems to me that residential service is not what exede is interested in. I really think someone at one of the offices woke up one morning and said hey we can offer residential service and make lots of $ w/o actually providing a good service. I sure hope their military relays are not anywhere as bad as My service! I will stop now, I do feel better after venting! I will hold my breath for an improvement ( as I search for a different option or pack my bags to leave my dream home).

Brian Ptak - Document, Document, Document - If your experience has been 1/2 as bad as mine there is no way a court would uphold the contract. Exede has failed us, if you paid your bill as I have then we lived up to our end but they let us down. : o (

Brian P.