Cant log in to router modem viasat white triangle

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Please reset my modem router. I have tried dozens of times to login to my modem router white triangle with the info my installer gave me. I was able to login when I first got the system installed but when I went back to login it will not let me and locks me out. Please help me as I can not wait on hold for 60 plus minutes only to get hung up on any more.
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Posted 4 months ago

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Have you tried to unplug the modem power plug from the wall, then wait two minutes and plug it  back in?
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No I haven't. So you are telling me that all I have to do is cut the power to the modem for 2 minutes and this will reset my modem to factory defaults and I can login to it again?
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There are some minimal troubleshooting steps detailed for the Viasat WiFi Gateway at:

That includes two different reset techniques (as well as the ubiquitous IT Crowd's  have you turned it off and back on again suggestion); however, an installer/dealer who frequented this forum has advised not doing the reset to original factory defaults.

Unfortunately, he is unable to participate in this community otherwise he might have weighed in with some assistance and the rationale for not doing that so use those instructions in the above link at your own risk.

Since this isn't a direct support forum, you'll need to wait until a moderator (i.e. a Viasat employee) weighs in on your issue for an official response or use one of the customer support options shown at:
P.S. There is some indication that the factory reset works in the following conversation although for a different issue:

But again do so at your own risk.

That thread was just resurrected by a spammer, allenrobin, so I'd avoid his advice unless wanting a suggestion from "Epson Support that will fruitful to you" ;)

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Did you change the default pw?

If not I suggest you take a picture of the label and blow it up so you can read it easier, some of those lower case letters merge to appear different.
Power down the modem a minute or two then once it comes back up:

The lock out alert will sometimes will 'stick' in your browser.
Either clear your browser or use a different browser to login.

I recommend changing both router & wifi pw to something not ridiculous, as the defaults currently are.
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"Unfortunately, he is unable to participate in this community otherwise he might have weighed in with some assistance "


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Funny thing, we were told NOT to change the password by our installer. He said someone changed theirs once and had to have a tech come out and fix it "because it messed it up so bad."

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I have had many different internet providers along with TV phone and I have to say the bar far ViaSat has the worst customer service I have ever experienced. I have said on hold 472 minutes only to get hung up on when somebody finally answers. I can't get anybody to email me back. And this stupid forum is about worthless. I've got one guy that told me to unplug the modem and that would solve all my problems. Clearly he's an idiot. And now a guy that is telling me that I should have just never change the password when I never did change the password. I think it would have been better just to ride my problems down on a piece of paper and throw it in the trash
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Wil Caton

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How do I get my modem reset? Is there anybody from ViaSat on this forum that gives a damn and can help me reset my modem so that I can log into it
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Since you called everyone here an idiot and this forum stupid, I can't think of a reason why anyone would help you.   Start writing things down and throwing them away.
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I'm closing this thread.  Personal insults are not allowed on this forum.  

Wil, to do a factory reset of your modem, which is different from rebooting your modem, take a paperclip, needle, pen tip, or something of similar diameter, and use it to depress the recessed button on your modem.  You have the Wireless Gateway, so the button will be on the same side as the rest of the ports.  

Depress this button for 20-30 seconds, and allow the modem to run through the reboot.  This could take up to two minutes.

Once this is done, any settings you have changed will revert to their factory settings, including wifi name and password.  Both of these are located on a sticker on the modem.

If you have any further questions, and wish not to post them on this forum, you may email us at  When you do, be sure to include a detailed explaination of the issue you are encountering, as well as your account information, so we may look up your modem and view previous notes on your account.

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