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you could  be only offered a plan like must of us that maxes out at 15gb at about 90 bucks a month yes 15 for the month
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Mine has always been 150 Gig on it. Though I do not use 1/2 of that more like 32 gig a month. But if I want to for some reason its nice to know I have it. Plus I have three computers on it. It's pricey but I don't have to look at my data every 2-3 days. I am very thankful for this plan.
Thanks Exede for the service but not the price.
Have a nice Day
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To my knowlage the freedom plan has always had the 150GB cap it even says so in their policies. The policy for that states that if you go over the 150GB limit you will get a phone call telling you to cut back on usage or you could be asked to switch off that plan. Now as far as advertising yes they advertise it as virtually unlimited.
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The marketing for the freedom plan does at times refer to it as "virtually unlimited". But that is what marketing does....note the careful use of the word "virtually".  they say, 150 gb is so much that it is like being unlimited.  This is why one has to be SO careful to read a contract before making an agreement..what someone tells me verbally, or what I think they are telling me (Like if I didn't happen to catch the word "virtually"), may not be that clear, so you need to look at the actual written agreement.  
Here is a quote I just found of how exactly Exede describes the freedom plan:
": Does the Freedom plan have a data cap?
A: The new Freedom plan provides at least 150 GB of data every month. That’s a huge amount of data. In fact, it’s so much that we think most customers won’t ever come close to using it all up every month. It’s comparable to the amount of data you’d get with an internet plan from a phone or cable company, and it’s way more than you’d get from your mobile carrier or any other satellite internet company. Per the Bandwidth Usage Policy at, customers who do use greater than 150 GB of data during their monthly billing period will experience reduced speeds until the end of their monthly billing period, and may be contacted and asked to reduce their monthly usage below 150 GB or transition to another service plan. If a customer does neither, we may terminate service."
  If you compare your allowance to mine, which is the basic Exede Classic plan @ 10 gb per month, can see why I might think your limit is close to UNlimited compared to mine.  Because I have such a low limit, I have done everything I possibly could to limit data usage I don't need...and as a result, I never go over my limit and infact, have a few gb left over at the end of every month.  Even though I am on and off my computer all day every day.    I even sometimes stream tv shows or movies during prime time...but not often or I would quickly get into trouble, so I usually stream during late night free zone--and record some stuff then to watch later when it won't affect my data usage allowance.  So, I am jealous that you can get the Freedom Plan while as yet, I have no access to it.  I see that people who have the Freedom plan don't have a LNFZ, because they have so much data to use per month it is felt they don't need the free zone.
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There are a lot of us that get by on 10, 15 or less gb.  I think thats probably the norm instead of the exception. So really "virtually unlimited" more than fits a big percentage of us.  I really don't think unlimited is ever going to happen with satellite. This is part of living out away from everything. One of the op[s or Knight will hit you up and get you connected with a far better CS than you have been talking to.
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You will never get a comissioned sales person to say virtually unlimited.... i call local dealers all the time to check on what they are doing right, so I can adopt those practices to improve my exede, problem is, only tactic i see is mis information and omition of truth and out right lying. Nothing bad on cannot make some one have morals and ethics.
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Hi Neal, the Exede Freedom plan features 150 gigabyte monthly data allowance. I’m sorry if you dealer did not provide you this information at time of sale. Unfortunately at this time we do not offer any unlimited packages. If I can answer any other questions or concerns please feel free to send an email to Thank you 

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