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I must say goodbye Excede. Look at the speeds I'm receiving from my AT&T fixed internet service. Never had this type of speed with Exede out of the 3 to 4 years I've been with them. Not only that but I'm only paying $50 a month for 170gb and if I happen to over it's only $10 per 50gb. I one happy fellow right now.

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Posted 2 years ago

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Thats pretty amazimg. I never had speeds like that when I had AT&T. The only thing they were ever able to imcrease for me was the price.
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We're sad that you're leaving, but glad you got a service that meets your needs!
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If you can get it, go for it.  You would be dumb not to.  But AT&T Fixed seem to service only areas of higher populations.  Us true boonies still pretty much only have satellite.
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YOOO!!! I TO LIVE IN THE BOONIES ALSO!!! >:3 but yet... sometimes... there is local internet providers but EVERYONE i tried always says sorry were filled up OR they say... we cannot provide services as you dont have a landline phone!!! >:( BUT!!! when i saw exede (before they changed there name to viasat) I WAS SO FRICKING HAPPY!!! :D THAT SOMEONE PROVIDED SERVICES INTO MY AREA!!! YAYZA!!! >:3 so yeah..

BUT!!! the great thing about is being into the boonies is that... there arent too many people :D but also some sponges also -_- BUT!!! i live into the boonies town >:3
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I had high hopes for this technology at one point. Seems they are using it in higher density areas rather than replace 75 year old copper. I thought it would expand services, but apparently it is only going to replace existing service for the most part. A few more will be served. I stand a better chance of cable coming.
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Yeah, we'll see LEOs before we see wired internet where I live. Wanna know the part that chafes? There's fiber optic running along a US highway about 3 miles south of where I live. My neighbor called to see about the possibility of getting internet up our way, and was basically told no.
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I went and asked the cable company how much to run to my house (less than two miles away). They quoted me a price. I asked who I make the check payable to. They then said it wasn’t going to happen. I was stone cold serious and couldn’t get them to really consider it.
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Its cold outside.
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Fiber optic running across my driveway but no service to it yet they say... who knows

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