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We signed up for what we believed to be a trial of services with Exede Internet; the ViaSat affiliate that installed our services was based out of St. Cloud, MN. I have never been so disappointed with the (lack of) customer service that I've received from Exede; my customer history only lasts 6 days with this company. We were blatantly lied to by the installation/sales company and were under the impression that we could try the service for 30-days. Here's the scenario: A sign was posted in the rural area we live in and we contacted the phone# on the signage. Mary ( assured us that Exede would more than meet our needs for internet services. We explained to her that we use our internet primarily for online streaming and video. She was forth coming in that Exede offers data plan packages, the 10GB service for instance, would give us 10gb of data at high speeds, after the 10gb were used the service would slow down; she likened it to when your cell phone goes from 4G to 3G coverage and stated we probably wouldn't even notice the difference. We made it abundantly clear that we would not sign a contract until we knew that the service worked for us; to which she replied we could try the service for 30 days. Fastforward to Monday, 08/04/14---installation guy shows up, sets up service, and we couldn't be happier; very excited to give Exede a try. Sunday, 08/10/14 our internet service all buts stops, so we make a call to customer service to see if there is a problem. ViaSat service rep tells us we have utilized our data usage and that our service has been restricted to email service only for the remainder of the billing cycle unless we chose to purchase a higher data plan or individual gb of data. We decided this probably wasn't for us and asked that services be cancelled. We were then informed that Exede would charge us a total of $345.00 for early cancellation of can imagine our outrage. After speaking to several ViaSat representatives/supervisors we got the good old "there's nothing we can do for you" even though ViaSat would be who charges us the cancellation fee.

Now is it ViaSat's fault that there affiliate lied to their customer? NO, but do they have the responsibility to help resolve the problem? ABSOLUTELY! Now that we have been backed into a corner, we will be filing complaints for fraud and unfair business practice with our MN Attorney General's office for both ViaSat and their affiliate as well as seeking our own legal counsel. I don't even care at this point if our legal fees are 10x that of the cancellation fee, I'm seeing this through if nothing more then principle alone. Almost anything you buy, goods/services has some kind of return policy, especially in cases of fraud. There has to be a reason ViaSat/Exede doesn't operate like that...maybe they know the majority of new business will be unsatisified with their service??

Sad thing is, we weren't even that dissatified with the internet service Exede could provide, it just wasn't sufficient for our needs. We had several other people interested in the service too; however after hearing our horror story, I doubt Exede will receive any new business in our area.
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Brian, I am so sorry that you were outright lied to by a sales partner. That's what happens when companies try and sell multiple products and services, their sales agents are not trained enough to know the difference between the products they represent. That is why we exclusively sell Exede for our internet product. It is the best product out there for satellite internet. However, in your case, because you use your service for online streaming and gaming primarily, I would not have recommended any satellite product. The only products I would recommend for you would be fiber, cable or DSL, or a point to point service with unlimited data.

Being that satellite internet seems to be your only option, then you are going to have to change the way you "drive your car". I wrote an article on How Satellite Technology Works. Here is a copy:

Let me explain how satellite technology works. Exede service is like an 8 lane highway that travels approximately 88,000 miles round trip up and back from the satellite in a little over a half a second. There are teams of engineers that monitor this highway for traffic jams and keeps it flowing by merging heavy traffic over to a freer lane. There are also controls in place that only allow a certain number of cars on this highway. This keeps the traffic flowing at a constant speed.

Now in order to keep these data highways flowing efficiently and fairly for everyone there are restrictions put in place, your data caps. Think of it as the gas tank. You buy a full tank of gas each month and depending on how you drive will determine how long your tank lasts. If you put the pedal to the floor and are constantly doing burnouts, you are going to use that tank really fast. If you are conservative, you can make your tank last.

Let's say you are a heavy driver and like to speed and drive your car fast and heavy. Do you go back and complain to the gas station that your tank is now empty because YOU used it all up in a hurry? I don't think so.

Now there are some folks who have legitimate problems that need corrections by a technician. However the majority of complaints that I read are customers wanting to drive a big gas guzzling car by streaming the fuel continuously without regard. While actually a majority of our customers are driving their efficient cars in ways that are conservative.

Now if you want to compare the speeds of the cable and fiber companies, compared to us, just check out the independent FCC report that for 2 years in a row ranked Exede #1 for speed at ALL hours compared to our competitors. Yes they may allow you to run wide open, but your speed and everyone else's will suffer as evident in the report.

Exede is working on technology to help ease these data cap restrictions. And in 2016 VIASAT2 will be launched giving us an even bigger gas tank and more highways. Trust me when I say this, Exede does not want to have these data caps. And with their free zones, brings even more value to our service.

Hopefully this analogy will help everyone understand the why's to the data restrictions.

Please send an email to and they will be more than happy to get you squared away. By the way, I have forwarded your message on to our Corporate Office and I will be addressing this issue in my next Council Meeting. These kind of practices need to stop.

David R Varner is an Elite Dealer for Exede High Speed Internet and is not an employee. I am however a member of the Dealer Advisory Council to ViaSat and work on behalf of our dealers and customers to bring you a better company and product.
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Again thank you for your information, it was helpful. I totally understand the need for Data caps. Back to your gas analogy, if you buy bad gas from a station and it wrecks your fuel tank you can go back to station for customer service.

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