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We just moveed into our mew home last week and I had viasat installed 3 months ago, I can get online with my phone and laptop but I am having trouble streaming my tv. I had Spectrum prior to this and had no problems and for the past 3 days all it does is buffer!! anyone else having issues like this?
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Sorry, but I gotta jump in here!  I am on Social Security, and I live in rural Ohio.  I receive $1200 A MONTH, and my Medicare costs me $100 a month off the top.  When I left Connecticut in 2003 my RENT was $1100 a month!  You do the math.  I love the relaxed lifestyle out here but honestly I CANT AFFORD TO LIVE ELSEWHERE!

Despite it all I do not feel it is the governments job, duty, or responsibility to "provide" me with anything!  Where I live its 20 miles to a grocery store, my doctor is 20 miles away, I have specialists 50 miles away, pray tell I need to go to Columbus for a special procedure, thats nearly 100 miles.  There are no trains or buses out here I NEED A CAR!  The government doesnt "provide" me with that!

People need to understand that nothing is "free" SOMEBODY IS PAYING FOR IT!  The government isnt "giving" you free internet or education or whatever, they are simply making everyone else pay for YOUR needs.

I pay for my internet, I have an ISP.  Where our government needs to step in is PROTECTING us less fortunate souls being scammed by these big corporations!  We are being charged market price for "unlimited high speed internet" that is anything but unlimited, for many of us anything but high speed, and for the most part, unreliable.  To me its blatant price gouging, the same thing as charging $10 for a $1 bottle of water after a hurricane ravages an area.  Our options are extremely limited and we are being bent over by a company hiding behind government loop holes, and one sided contracts that cover them against everything and have no benefit to the consumer other than you "might" get internet.

I understand there are "issues" with anything, but if you are in business to provide "unlimited high speed internet" and charging people for "unlimited high speed internet" then PROVIDE UNLIMITED HIGH SPEED INTERNET!  It should be performance based, not promise based, if you are going to provide me with slow, limited, unreliable internet, BILL ME ACCORDINGLY!  I didnt sign a contract for a 2019 Cadillac to leave the lot in a 1998 Chevy Cavalier with a pat on the back saying "But it does the same thing"

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