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Once again my mail I send to Outlook was blocked. Message 
550 5.7.1 Unfortunately, messages from [mu IP] weren't sent. Please contact your Internet service provider since part of their network is on our block list (AS3150). You can also refer your provider to
I know I can use Gmail, yahoo, etc. Do not want to hear that again. Just want to know why this keeps happening and it fixed. I have never had this issue before Exede. 
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Posted 3 years ago

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All you can do is send a copy of the blocked email return message to They have to fix it AGAIN. The only alternative is to use another email provider to send the message that was blocked. Otherwise, it's email Exede and wait for them to fix it.

They do need to ask why this keeps happening recently and, if anything can be done to prevent it.
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Hi Nancy,  Please send your account and contact information as well as the error message to We'd be happy to look into this for you. It may be an outlook issue this time. Thanks!

Hi Nancy,  I found the email you sent - thanks  Exede Diana
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I learned a few years back that the didnt  cooperate with email.
and sadly the same is true for excede email.
 I use the "other" email services that are free. also works,
but outhouse mail is one I have not been able to get to work on a regular basis.
 your information about this isp being blocked might be the reason why.

 I will follow this thread and see if OE works.
I pretty much gave up on OE and use other email services that work fine.
the excede site is down often, but not as often as wildblue was.
so things are improving, but not enough to be reliable.
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Donald Thompson

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Hi Bev,

I read your Message regarding your experience with Exede and Outlook. I am getting the same responses and undeliverable mail. I copied the website that you were given for Exede by the Exede employee that responded to your complaint. I will try sending my Undeliverable Messages to them. I don't know if that will help or not. Something tells me that this a blame someone else and never admit your own problems. Exede sure can be difficult to deal with! If you get any help on this from anyone, could you please send me a Message or email? I agree, this is something that has to work! I do a lot of email with my eBay Store, and email is very important! I found that my email to all were returned. Now I'm getting other Returns with the same Message that you received. This one was from a message sent to It's a problem, that's for sure!!

Thanks for hopefully sharing a solution to this! Best wishes!

Don Thompson
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As long as you use a second rate email provider you are going to have issues. That's not Viasat's fault as they had to select an alternative provider as Google no longer allowed them to their email.

But if you want to continue to have problems, then just keep using the email address Exede gives you vs. getting something better that would cost you absolutely nothing.
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but it Is viasat/excedes fault as their email does not work.
been with [well tried] their email since it was wildblue which has been over 7 years and a few different isp names, but the email still fails as their site conrinues to be down and the dashboard gives false reports.

the free email works well.

sadly the out house express is micro$oft product that also has a long history of being picky [failure]
 my best email functionality and reliability have been using the free mail if yahoo and gmail.
 I have come to rely on gmail the most as it works.
until there is a better email service, I will stay with these.

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If I was them I wouldn't even provide an email address as they really provide it as a courtesy in the first place. They are an internet provider not an email provider.

I do agree, gmail and yahoo are far superior for email, and are portable for if/when you change ISP's. Why people want to be anchored to an email address that could be defunct the minute you move or change providers is beyond me. I doubt many people would put their mobile number at risk to change like that.