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Would it be possible to add the ability to block calls on Exede Voice by the name displayed on Caller ID? I ask mainly because of a scan that shows up as Card Holder Services but, spoofs caller ID so, might be from any number in the world, including your own.

I have had them spoof my number a few times and, call me while spoofing my number. If I could block by name, that would reduce calls form this scam company. As it is you can only block by number and, that won't work for them since they might spoof yours, a friend or relative's number from whom you do want calls.

Yes I have reported them to the FCC an BBB several times but, the calls keep coming so, all I can think is to block them but, I can't block the numbers they spoof because it can be my number, your number, any business or residence I DO want calls from just not when the scam artist is spoofing that number.
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Posted 4 years ago

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I believe we can only block the numbers unfortunately.
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I believe this can now be done. I just read some older messages on this subject and found a link posted by "Brad" to _Exede Voice Portal_ (about 10 months ago):

 So, I gave it a try and discovered a new menu item had appeared named "Call Screening". Selecting this opens a page with "Call Screening Lists" displayed. There is a data entry box labeled "Name Contains:". Button choices are [Add New] and [Get List].

Since I was expecting the data field choice to be "Add Number", this was a surprise. Seems to indicate that a "Name"(character string) and/or "Numbers" might be entered. There was a number I would have liked to block months ago, but that scam eventually stopped.

Let us know how this works. I'll be on the watch for the next time I'm pestered. I may block calls from all 800#'s as a start.

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That field is to name a new screening list. Below that, where you list the calls to block, you can only enter numbers, not names. Listing numbers would block friends, family, even my own number as all of them have been spoofed by this company. Only way to reduce calls form them would be to block the NAME. That wouldn't stop them but, would stop about 70% of the calls from this scam group.

Reporting clearly does no goood as I have been reporting them for the last three or four years and, they keep calling. They won't honor the national do not call list, which I am on and, they don't remove numbers when you tell them to either via the automated or, by speaking to a representative. Even telling them repeatedly that I have no credit cards does not stop the calls.