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About 2 days ago I asked some questions regarding understanding what the blinking lights on the modem meant but did not receive an answer...  anyone care to venture a shot at some answers?  thanks

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Posted 3 years ago

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Sorry we missed you Mike.

What exactly are you seeing on your modem?
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Mike That depends on which modem you have. The SB2 has a row of lights on the front of it and the SB2+ has one circular light on the side of it.

On the SB 2, it's Power Receive, Transmit, LAN or Ethernet connection.

For the SB 2+ 

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Yes, we as users are responsible for how we use the data however most of us are not that technically able to do so. What is so wrong with asking for some help in understanding how this works?

So what can Exede "see"?

They can see the amount of data you use.

So let us, the customer, "see" what Exede "sees", "the amount of data I use".....  is that such an inappropriate thing to ask???

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They are pretty pricey Steve $250 to $400. Any lower cost units that you might recommend? 
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 Im not Steve [Im sure he will reply soon tho with good info]
I just got a new router that was recommended and it is the netgear 6200
it has a cool phone app that gives you really good information of usage, connected devices and the genie software on your PC helps too, but the phone app shines.
 I bought it off amazon for around $50 and added the extra proection and tech support from squaretrade.

 it just plugged in [connected] and upgraded the firmware easily [during my un metered time on the plan] also got the phone app all working easily in a very short time.
 I just ignored the negative reviews and followed the directions to connect and powered everything on as instructed and it works great.

 its been running a few days and I am still learning about what it and the genie app is capable of.

  prices tend to vary - it is my opinion to buy new and avoid the refurb or used units.
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Mike, as les mentioned, one does not have to pay a lot for  decent router with data monitoring, sometimes called traffic analyzer. I bought an upscale ASUS AC-1900P for around $130.00 a year ago so it is just wise to shop around. You can also find some refurb units for even less. They are worth it, to get a better idea of who and what is using your data. There are also some free apps that you can download, but they only work on the device it is running on, and need to be loaded on every device you have. One I like is Glasswire
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Thanks again Steve. The effort you make to help people is most sincerely appreciated. I downloaded Glasswire and decided I didn't want to take the time to figure it out. I think that is what got me to this point, where I just no longer have the energy to deal with Exede.
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Thanks Bev.
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Mike your question is germane and exede does have things to hide. One example occurs when your satellite modem loses sync with satellite. I don't recall exact amount but do know it is between 200 and 500 MB and this comes out of your data amount. Why it happens they won't discuss. Having worked with nationwide (USA) satellite backbones re-positioning the sky based unit. Minute changes have little to no affect. Larger moves wipe out areas till they get new azimuth/range and time numbers that agree with new position relative to your modem. Primary reason is to make a better connection with their government customers. We the residential types mean less than nothing to them.

Their credo is the less the customer knows the less they can prove. Even more dismal is the lack of customer service. The answer from exede wonk was very noncommittal hot air crafted by spin doctor staff. To use his words, "We here at Hertz are only contracted to rent the car. You want to steer it bring your own steering wheel. You want it to move; tires,...yatta bleh.
There are no other options where I live. No phone lines closer than 6 miles. Cable is 15 miles and cellular doesn't work below my front ridge. All this 20 miles from downtown San Jose, CA. Most residential satellite customers are in same situation. Exede knows this and provides staff and service accordingly.
As to above router discussion all routers keep track. The less they cost the more basic the reporting. Any router above the base from each manufacturer will give you at a minimum, received packets, transmitted packets, up time since last sync, dropped packets and some other basic information.
It sucks to be at mercy of a company that has no idea of how to treat individual customers. And it truly sucks when they are one of 2 or the only option. Hughes being the other.
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Thanks Martin,
 However, as you may have seen in one of my recent posts I just no longer have the time or energy to deal with this company's inability to provide value nor with Microsoft who makes things so complicated even an engineer such as myself can't figure it out.
 I say screw it. I'll live with it till something better comes along and I have been around long enough to know that it will.
 I have much better things to do than deal with companies that don't care or make things so complicated that the paying customer can't get the value he is entitled to.

 A bit ironic that Microsoft takes the data you pay for and Exede will not let you verify that they are not taking the data you pay for.....