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Have had Excede for a few years and never went over my 10Gb monthly limit. For the last two months I haven't even come close to the end of the month and I'm maxed out. No explanation other than its my fault. Wow. I love living in a remote area without cable access but Excede has me tied over a barrel and is sticking it to me.
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have you been watching any video's or listening to music? on account that'll use up the GB real fast.
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i have,exede , my son next door has exede, we both showed  we used up 10 gb  the same day, this has never happened before, is exede ripping us off or is theie equiptment faulty, something fishy  here.
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Temporary fix; call and ask them to use a data reset. It will only give you 3gb, but hey it is free. I would suggest unplugging whatever you have plugged into your modem or disconnect devices when you can. See if it still uses up your data. I wish they would fix things at their end or we will all buy prepaid hotspot with 4glte!
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that doesn't fix the problem, just prolongs it

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Do you mean you have contacted exede and been told they don't know why and the problem is definitely on your end?  And made no effort to help you figured out how that might be?

Have you tried emailing  "".  I am sure they will help you try to figure out where the data went.  

By the way, this is just a statement of my personal preference when reading online postings, but I DO prefer that people avoid loaded words and putdowns/namecalling kinds of words like "bitchslapped".  I am sure there is a more civil way you can express your displeasure with Exede at this time.  

In general, I feel more like being helpful to people who can express their displeasure without getting "ugly" about it.

(but as I said, this is my own personal preference and reaction to your word choice)
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"Just look at how many customers there are that have this same concern."      Tim, that comment you made is not accurate.  Forums like this one are almost entirely made up of complaints because the majority of customers do NOT  go on a forum and complain that they have nothing to complain about. Most people have issues because they don't understand or are confused about something and it is rarely the fault of the provider, Excede. 
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Consider installing a third party traffic monitoring application. Recommendation vary by device and operating system; Glasswire ( installed on all Windows 7, 8, 10 devices provides an application, site and traffic type breakdown and can be used to verify your usage against the Exede usage meter.

Alternately, some routers provide traffic monitoring features of their own which can similarly verify data usage.     
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I have the same problem I get 10 gb gone in 7 days I call them they don't know why they give me 2 gb more that 2 gb lasts over 2 weeks how does that work something fishy on there end never had a problem with exceeds till about 6 months ago now nothing but problems

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All ViaSat can do is provide a general categorized breakdown of your data usage which is not particularly useful in determining exactly where your data is going (because the categories are too broad). Again installing a robust traffic monitoring application or relying upon built-in traffic monitoring features of your router (or a combination of both) will allow determining whether there's an actual usage meter discrepancy. A robust traffic monitoring application (e.g. Glasswire mentioned above) is better to determine exactly where data is going on an application and site basis. Knowing that, there are any number of steps that can be taken to eliminate unwanted/unnecessary data that's often consumed in the background without your knowledge.

Once it's known exactly where it's going, specific targeted recommendations require knowing your:
  • Router (brand and model)
  • Operation system(s) and version(s) for each device
  • Browser(s)
  • Browser add-ons
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It would be nice if people who write to complain about service, billing, etc., would say where they are located. Sometimes it makes a difference in figuring out the problem.

I was concerned about the amount of data I was using because I don't do streaming and I rarely download anything except a software program update a few times a year. A very helpful Exede support person told me that the tablet computer I have connected to my system might be using some of the data. For reasons unknown, programs on android devices seem to want to update themselves every day or two and that uses a lot of download data. So I shut off the Internet connection for the tablet and only turn it on when I need to use it. Also, if you have  antivirus programs, including Spyware Blaster, Malwarebytes, etc., each updates their databases frequently. That uses data as well. Likewise, if you have checked to allow Windows updates to automatically install new updates, that uses a lot of data too.
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Hello Vinnie, I would be glad to review your account and figure out where your data is being consumed based on your daily traffic categories. When you called in to get a description of data usage, a brief description should have been clarified – I apologize. Please send us your account and contact info to

A few data consumptions that can be overlooked would be: Storage, Updates, Apps, or Communications. The number of devices on your home network can also affect your data usage. 
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I monitor my usage on both GlassWire and my ASUS router. I have been monitoring since April 2012, and Exede's meter shows the same usage per month as my ASUS router shows, within 0.5 GB. Normally the ASUS router shows the higher reading. GlassWire shows readings close to my router when my computer is the only device on the network. GlassWire only measures data used on the device it is installed on, thus not an accurate reading of all internet usage. I am on the Liberty 10 Plan. Usually when people think that the Exede meter is inaccurate, there are things going on within the user's own network and devices using data in the background that they are not aware of.