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I have done quite a bit of research in reference to WiFi. I have read about the Surfbeam 2+ router as well as many others. I figured I’d share so others could use. The Surfbeam 2+ router has decent WiFi range but is far from great. The signal loss is also not very good. I’m certainly not knocking Exede (Viasat) for their choice of equipment. is what I did and the results I have.

I purchased a Netgear AC 1900 extender and Cat 6 cable (Cat 5 probably would’ve sufficed). I connected the extender to the SB2+ router and use it as an access point.

I conducted speed tests using ethernet connection vs WiFi on the SB2+. I found th WiFi connection was losing approximately 25-30 percent of its speed. I then turned off the WiFi on the SB2+. I conducted a test using the ethernet connection on the SB2+ compared to the WiFi connection on the access point and the results were very close if not the same. So...I have “gained” 25 percent faster WiFi access using this method. I know I’m not an expert and don’t claim to be. I just figured I’d share for others to use because when speeds slow, every little bit counts! I have also gained a lot of range, approximately doubled.
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Wi-Fi vs Ethernet: Which Internet Connection Is Better And Why?
April 21, 2016

Based upon submitted data to FCC for EX7000 unit, it can do Beamforming in both bands, but Viasat's RM5110 WiFi router can not.

Viasat's WiFi needs to use Channel 3~Channel 9.
For 20MHz bandwidth systems, use Channel 1~Channel 11.
For 40MHz bandwidth systems, use Channel 3~Channel 9.