Best streaming live TV service - my results.

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This isn't really a question, but it could be a place for folks to share their results with streaming TV. I have the Freedom 150 plan. 

I tried YouTube TV a while back, and it was really choppy and problematic, but that was the first or second week of its release, so it might not have been a satellite problem. I then was on Sling TV for quite a while, and it kinda sorta worked, but I wasn't really happy with it - it would blank out, and buffer in the middle a lot - it got really annoying.

I decided to try Hulu Live, and it is SO much better. I mean orders of magnitude better. It sometimes buffers a while at the very beginning, but then comes in clear, and generally is HD (it sometimes drops down.) It never (so far) buffers in the middle of a show. 

I'm assuming that Hulu is just better at lower speed streaming than Sling, or there is some way Hulu is doing it so that it works better on satellite. 

Anyway, that's what I've learned. It's great - I'm looking forward to watching some (not too much, of course, damn you satellite) of the olympics.
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Posted 2 years ago

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When you say "TV" service, does that mean a site that shows TV shows or everything including movies?

For TV shows.....
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Sling has little if any past TV. Hulu Live TV comes with Hulu, so it has a fair bit of released movies and TV shows  - the live part is for live TV - cable channels, local news, etc. I mostly use it to watch live news shows. I'm sure that site you link to isn't going to last long (there are better ways to grab that stuff IMHO that I won't mention here.)
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Amazon works good for streaming and so does Netflix which is built in to my Dish Network Hopper system.Hulu works fine also for live stuff.I also ave the freedom 150.
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I was really talking about live TV. Canned TV and movies are a lot easier to deal with, and generally, in my experience, work really well on the Freedom plan (Netflix, Amazon, regular Hulu.) But live TV streaming is harder to pull off, it seems (or at least Sling wasn't very good at it.)
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I am a little out of touch on a la cart viewing, but i think for all around viewing, local, various network series, sports etc., Directv (what i have), dish etc. is pretty much a necessity over streaming, especially for a Sat ISP user.

If you only want movies than one of the a la cart, amazon, netflix would be ok.
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I don't watch enough TV to justify having a dish. I basically watch perhaps an 4 hours a week of either Netflix or live TV. A few weeks I might do more, and many less. And 150G is enough for that usage amount. Primarily, I spend the money for live TV just so that I can get live news when it matters. If I didn't care about that, I'd not bother with anything except Netflix.
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Sort of off topic, but I get live TV with an antenna.  I recently discovered that my color TV has an interesting pause feature.  If you pause live TV and let it sit for a few minutes, you can skip though commercials.

I was watching a movie the other night and paused the TV for about an hour while I did something else.  When I came back, I was able to resume the show and there was enough buffer to skip the rest of the commercials for the rest of the movie.  Color TV has come a long way since I was a kid.
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Directtv now does not seem to like silver unlimited. Nothing I do will make it play acceptably.

Pluto plays fine.
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If you Google Directv Now you will find numerous forums that have complaints about the buffering that takes place, not only on satellite internet, but with ground based, much higher speed internet providers. It seems that AT&T, owner of Directtv hadn't expected the number of people using the service and their servers are terribly overloaded. They are supposedly trying to correct that problem. 

I have  never tried to use Directv Now so I have no experience with it, just what I read on the forums.
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I read those too. I got in on the dvr beta, so I’m curious if those “recorded” programs will stream better. When I run it on a cable connection, no buffering issues.
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Personal comment, I felt that was my experience when I did a trial of it. It's relatively new so I think with time it'll be less buggy
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Problem I keep running into is my up address with viasat my streaming is pretty good as plan I'm on gives me up to 100mbps download speeds but whichever app I decide to try it gives me channels based as if I lived on east or west coast when I live in st Louis market so I don't get my Fox Sports Midwest channels however ps vue app lets u set home location manually but they don't let u change video quality which means it comes in based on speeds which at 1000mbps is 1080p quality which burns through a ton of data. So I'm looking for streaming app that either lets u set ur home location and or video quality. Fubotv is who I currently was using but just in last few days app did automatic update and is now giving me local and regional sports channels based out of Philly area not st Louis. Ugh.
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Excellent topic! I've been curious to see what streaming you guys use and the experience you're seeing with various options.

Keep in mind to always set your resolutions to the right optimization if you're on an unlimited plan or you'll have some trouble no matter what you try to stream.IF you don't have an unlimited plan utilize the video data extender when streaming.

To go on my own tangent  since you mentioned it I have a quick suggestion on the Olympics. If you have a subscription to log in with NBCSports (or can acquire a log in) it had a feature called Gold Zone and if you've ever watched NFL RedZone it's very similar where sometimes it'll be a 5 sport mosaic screen but if something exciting is happening or someone is up for a medal they'll go full screen to tune in. I found it pretty handy to watch a lot of my Summer Olympic fringe sports during the day and to see how fast the pools changed in color haha. Remember that? I think it ended up being an algae. Here's a quick list of options:

Pluto is pretty cool too for a free TV streaming option they have a lot of variety. It's interesting to see all the alternatives with streaming TV.

To Bounce off P.W.T.'s comment on pausing live TV (and those on rabbit ears), I do know there's a few OTA DVRs with Tivo for those Over The Air network shows if you want to record and watch later. Downside is they are a chunk of change up-front and you'd have to really like your CBS, CW, ABC, NBC, PBS and Fox shows to get some mileage out of it. Also more of that content is showing up on TV channel apps on streaming came a few years too late in my opinion but if you watch TV on delay and hate commercials it might work fine!
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I've had good luck with Hulu Live TV, but decided to do a trial of SlingTV  since their price is slightly lower. This was in early August 2018 and I had a similar experience to the original poster of this thread. It buffered constantly and could never catch up. 

I can't try YouTube Live because they are blacked out in my area. Are there any other live "TV replacement" platforms that people have tried with a satellite connection?
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i watch Pluto TV on my Roku.
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I wouldn't recommend satellite internet for any live TV replacement.

Now if you want to have it supplement your viewing with some streaming of recorded content, that would be fine.
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Try Philo much cheaper than the others. $20 for their best plan. I watch at work where I have real internet. I can’t stream anything at home with any of the steaming services on Viasat Only thing I can use Viasat for is checking email and do this ( which takes about 5 minutes to load this page). Unlimited silver plan.