Beam 348 - New Unlimited Plans as of February 12, 2018

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I think the new plans are a step in the right direction.  Each plan has been reduced to 12 mbps speeds, has different data thresholds ranging from 40 GB to 100 GB and are just a little bit cheaper.

Why do I think this is a step in the right direction?  Reducing speeds to "up to 12 mbps" is going to make it easier for Viasat to give people "what they are paying for."

There will still be times when Viasat can't deliver 12 mbps to everyone, but we will also see more incidents of people getting slightly more than the up to 12 mbps they are paying for.  New subscribers will be happy and of course old customers will complain.

The lowered data thresholds will help ensure everyone has access to high speeds as well. This means there will be less problems for people who choose to stream Netflix in the evenings.

 And of course, once you hit your threshold things will still be unlimited, but you may not see the full 12 mbps.

We saw lots of people complaining that they were only getting 15 mbps and were paying for 30 mbps on the old Gold plans.  Now I guess we will see people complaining that they are paying for 12 mbps and they are only getting 12 mbps instead of the 100 mbps their neighbors get one mile up the road with cable.

Whats interesting is none of the new plans mention the wifi modem.  Perhaps you don't need one of those awful wifi modems to switch to unlimited anymore.  Of course, I will be staying on the trusty Liberty 12 plan.  Good times are ahead.

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Posted 2 years ago

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What's to complain about?  Silver plan went from $100 to $95 while speed went from max 25 Mbps to 12 Mbps and priority data went from 150Gb to 60Gb.  $5 savings gets you 52% less speed and 60% less priority data.   Whiny little biatches I tell you. 
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Sarcasm,  Love it!  The journey is often more exiting than the destination.
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You think you hated 150 GB, just wait till you try 40 GB.
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Unless the cap becomes very soft, barely, rarely, noticeable.
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J&J, and we have reason to believe that to be possible, based on... ???