Beam 348 - Baton Rouge and New Orleans areas (Southern Louisiana)

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I propose that we create some threads on the forum to talk about the good and bad about each beam.  I'm on beam 348 which appears to not be a congested beam.

Currently the only plans available on my beam are the unlimited plans.  

The super duper unlimited Gold 30 plan is available on my beam for $150 a month.  Some beams don't even have it as an option. 

The Silver 25 plan is available on my beam for just $100.  On some beams this plan costs $150, if you can even get it at all.

Being that the Gold 30 plan is available on my beam, I am led to believe I am not on a congested beam and the bandwidth is more available for sale than on other beams that charge $150 for Silver 25.

Of course, I am on an older plan, Liberty 12, which I have no plans of ditching anytime soon.

I get speeds from midnight to 5pm ranging anywhere from 1 mpbs up to 10 mbps.  From 5 pm to midnight my speeds are usually less than 1 mbps.  I can expect speeds of 256k however it is sometimes higher and sometimes lower.  Not ideal for streaming video but perfectly fine for browsing webpages.

The Liberty 12 plan advertises speeds ranging from 1 to 5 mbps during the day and much slower at night during prime time.  As far as I'm concerned, Viasat is delivering exactly what I signed up for.   

I use Playon/Plex to download video when the speeds are awesome, and then I watch the pre-downloaded video on my color tv using a Roku player.  It works pretty dang good and I never have to worry about buffering.

Of course, my Liberty 12 plan comes with 12 GB of priority data.  The priority data usually downloads at least 12 mbps so I am getting exactly what I pay for.  I do however go through the priority data fairly quickly because I have Playon set to automatically record video during the day.

Overall I am extremely pleased with my service from Viasat.  I can say with confidence that beam 348 is not congested.  

If anyone else is on the same beam as me please chime in with your comments or any complaints you may have. 

I am curious to hear from people on my beam with an unlimited plan.

Edit:  I corrected mistake I made with pricing plans.  
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Posted 2 years ago

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I get a good service here on Beam 336.  Like you I do my downloading and heavy usage during the weekdays and get excellent liberty pass speeds often in excess of 5 mbps  .   I recently changed from Liberty 10 to the Liberty 12 plan for less money so I am very pleased with that.

I use my 4G wireless service for general web browsing
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I don't believe you can use the fact that just because they offer a gold plan its not a congested beam , It may not be as congested as others if they do but I'm hearing several people with gold plans that are barely getting 10 mbps and only 1-2 mbps during prime time every evening , That is my definition of a congested beam, I understand why Viasat did what they did releasing these plans when they did to stay ahead of the competition but they didn't do their customers any favors trying to keep up with the Jones's , way back when someone on the 12 mbps plan users usually got 15-19 download speeds and  I don't think anything has changed as far as download speeds but they did change the caps and now they are oversold and congested until Viasat2 comes online
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IF you have a beam that offers only unlimited plans and Gold too, it is one of the least utilized beams on Viasat-1. Now that doesn't mean if all the customers on that beam at the same time are streaming it won't get slower, but it still has less subs than most if not all other beams.

I agree with Stephen. Hold with what he has. But then again, I think the unlimited plans are over hyped, over rated, and over priced :).