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I am new to posting in forums and I know that this ground already covered, but I want to put it out there anyway. I live in a rural area and satellite is the only option available. The best residential plan Exede offers is 25gb for $140.00 when it's all said and done with. THAT IS TOO LOW for the amount of money being charged for the access. They can offer 50gb for 6 months to new customers. They can offer free zones. These occur at times that require you to stay up too late if you want to do anything else besides preprogram a movie download or system updates. Not to mention, they only last for 5 hours. Why can't Exede gives us at least a small boost, like 35-40gb a month or an earlier and longer free zone. It's not a lot but it would help. I already know about traffic and fair access and that is a good policy if everyone hit the satellite at the same time. Everyone that subscribes is not online at the exact same time; nor is everyone a power user thus putting their traffic limits into the red zone. Technology has made even the simplest of web sites become data hungry due to their animated ads or high definition format. What once cost mere megabytes now costs gigabytes, yet the delivery system has yet to grow and allow for this increase. We are kept restricted to a LOW 25gb for 30 days. A preacher once told me, "if it doesn't make any sense, then there is a buck to made in it" and believe me, this ridiculously low cap does not make any sense alongside the web site data usage these days due to increase in technology. I guess we're going to remain in the dark ages of technology when all we could do on the internet was to look at static pages without images and videos, send emails or instant message each other. Not only that, do you think they will credit you for unused bandwidth if you ever find yourself out of town or if your system is down for whatever reason resulting in lower usage (perhaps up to 8gb below the 25gb limit because this has happened to me).
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Move along citizen! You and I will now be subsidizing those who sign up today for the new 'cheap' plans.
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We understand your need for higher data caps.  That's why we have rolled out the new plans to get an idea of how it will work for our customers.  If you would like me to go over your data usage categories with you, I will be more than happy to.  I'm sure we can come together and find ways to maximize your data.  Please send me an email to with your contact information and the best time to reach you. Thanks. 
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Here is another frustrating issue. Whenever this topic arises, Exede just wants to "go over your data usage". I've been down this road. We know how the system works. Streaming movies is bad, set up your updates and downloads to occur in the free zone, etc., etc. Basically, $140 buys you a lot of headache, low bandwith and Exede trying to tell you how to manage your data (like we don't know how to do that). What about the elusive " Freedom plan" advertising 150gb for $70 beginning August 18th in various areas on the East Coast. This has been well documented by several news sources along with spokesmen from Viasat, claiming they are listening to their customers. They say that this will make satellite more comparable to the other suppliers of broadband internet. I live in Virginia and did ask about the new packages. THERE IS NO FREEDOM PACKAGE, AT LEAST NOT FOR MY AREA. The satellite is in geosynchronous orbit, viewing the entire country. How can it not be available unless it does not exist? And to think that I've been with Viasat for 5+ years and the only ones that ever get any incentives are the new subscribers, such as the 50gb for 6 months. It is hard to believe that something such as bandwidth caps and lag (and I know that lag is 100% beyond anyone's control) would actually provoke people to move from their homes. I know people that have moved for this very reason and I probably will end up doing the same!
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REAL BANDWIDTH Limit, not Data Limit

But what about the "trickle" of actual bandwidth once you hit your data limit?  That is the real "Bandwidth" question.  Once I burn thru my data allowance, Exede cuts my bandwidth speed to such a trickle that several of the servers that I normally hit, won't respond due to timeouts or latency problems.  

I know and expect my bandwidth speed to drop significantly, but what I am getting is definitely not what the Exede sales person led me to believe.  My typical bandwidth capability is LESS THAN .5 Mbps which is TERRIBLE.  

This is what Exede calls "SLOWING DOWN YOUR BANDWIDTH."  To me this is like "choking a person till they pass out.  They are still alive, but can't converse with anyone."  

Exede really has a terrible strategy in their business model.  When you call in to the "Customer ?ervice they are only interested in selling you more data.  I don't always necessarily want more data, I just want a REASONABLE BANDWIDTH.  Exede is selling more than just data, they are also SELLING BANDWIDTH, but only if you haven't gone over your data limit.  

Exede fails to state what their minimum speeds are, and during the sales pitch, the girl on the line told me that your speed drops, but not that much.  To me going from 15.0 to .5 is NOT just a drop or SLOWING DOWN, it's virtually stopping.  The last two days, I've been unable to utilize Dropbox or Audible because their servers can't communicate with me due to the bandwidth I have with Exede.  My $60 per month should at least have a REASONABLE LEVEL of bandwidth service.  I don't expect 15 Mbps or even 3 MBPS.  I just want 1.0 to 1.5 Mbps.  Is that too much to ask?

By the way, you should turn off ALL of your auto updates for your phones and computers.  Those updates can really devour your data!

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I love this:

"This is what Exede calls "SLOWING DOWN YOUR BANDWIDTH." To me this is like "choking a person till they pass out. They are still alive, but can't converse with anyone."
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In response to Gerry, yes there are two problems. I tend to blur the line between data limit and bandwidth. My biggest complaint is with the data limit, but bandwidth is right beside it. Don't forget about the supposed speed restoration during the free zone if you have blown your data limit. It never gets fully restored, thus another service we are led into believing and not receiving. And yes, all phone, tablet and computer updates are turned off until midnight. I'm tired of staying up late just to make sure that the updates get the proper permissions from each device and proceed to update without a hitch. There are occasional software hiccups that interfere with a smooth update, even with auto updates.

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