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Exede service at the human to human level is abysmal; I have waited between 2-6 hours past my window for service three times. One of those times you at Exede sent a tech 5hours away from his office to install at 10 am with his next appointment 6hours away at 11 am. A second time it was determined that I  needed a new router via customer disservice and yes I was, of course, billed for a new router ahead of time. After waiting an additional 3 hours at the end of my appointment window and with further inspection the issue was, in fact, the dish eye and had been giving my only 3% of the bandwidth I had been paying for. I was still stuck with the new router that went bad in less than two months. Also no refund on the lost data. I have also been hung up on 2 times by customer service supervisors and 2 times just plan dropped after sitting on hold for 35+ minutes. 

The digital part of service is even worse. Somehow with no one home, on a secure wireless network in the middle of nowhere rural NY, without even direct TV hooked to the network and no device on the network we can use 50% of our data in 6 hours. This happens every month that data gets used by the router without the customer perhaps "victim" getting any benefit of the data I get fleeced for.

In a head to head video showdown of Exceed vs. LTE what is .3GB on LTE is somehow 5.19GB on Exede. Theft? Nah it's just the price you pay to be fleeced by a monopoly, it's fun when you just close your eyes and pretend that AOL dial-up wouldn't be better.  The second an alternative becomes available to me I will gladly and with great pleasure provide the local dump with my Exede electronic waste for recycling. 

Exceed you are the evil twin to Direct TV and capable of quite a bit of lies, cheating, stealing and perhaps one-day provable fraud. The only thing at you executives at the top of EXEDE seem to exceed at is disappointing me every day. If you loose the internet you live like it's 1986, to bad at least in 1986 most companies sought to do right by their customers, guess that was lost to the progress to live in 2016. 


One of your thousands of unhappy and hopefully disloyal customers in the nearest possible future.
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You have now seen how it works here.  exede has promised a better usage meter for years but hasn't supplied it yet.  How long does it take to write code for a better data tracking meter? If you are ripping people off, FOREVER!  Why should exede supply better rendering of usage to its' customers if it will show them getting ripped off?  (OR.. THE RIP-OFF WILL HAVE TO STOP, can't have that, too much extra money at stake).  They are hiding their fraud behind the crappy usage meter now in use. They are protecting their theft of service with the bad meter and covered their rear-end with contract clauses limiting legal complaints to arbitration.  A case of CRIMINAL FRAUD will not be protected by an arbitration clause!