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I have been without internet for 5 hours. When I called the tech dept they told me it was going to be 6 DAYS before a tech could make it out and then you are going to charge me $95 for YOUR bad modem. I have a business to run and files to send and I can't do any of it without your internet. I asked if I could go pick up a modem at one of your offices and no one would tell me where I could do that. I am blown away by how poor your customer service is.
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Posted 2 years ago

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Robyn, 95.00 is the standard fee for a residential service call. The new modem will need to be provisioned in order for it to work and, only a technician can do that. If the cost of the service call is an issue for you, consider adding EasyCare to your account to make it affordable.

Trust me, you do NOT want to have to provision a modem yourself, a technician can do so in a matter of a couple of minutes, the one time I had to do it (special circumstances) it took 45 minutes on the phone with a senior technician in Denver to get it working right. I would rather pay the service call and, it's for that reason we can't do it ourselves - they tried that for a short time, for special circumstances and, it isn't worth it.
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Robyn. It probably isn't the actual modem that is the issue. When I do svc calls on a customer it is usually the tria...that's the thing out at the dish which sticks out on the arm in front of the reflector.
Is the modem powering up but just not fully booting up? Does your modem have 4 blue leds on front or the circle on the side?
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What does your modem status page at show?  If you post a screenshot of that page here, please make sure you remove all of your personal account information first.

Regarding the 6 days that you were quoted to get a technician out to your location, you do not have to continued to be serviced by the channel that quoted you that time frame.  These channels are companies separate from Exede and that have a contract with Exede to service Exede customers.  You do not have to remain with your current channel if they are not going to give you timely service when your Exede internet service is down.  Please keep in mind that you are not giving up your Exede service, but are simply changing the 3rd party channel that services you on behalf of Exede.

You can do what is called a sales channel change.  However, you first need to find an Exede dealer that will give you the service you want.  The following URL should pull up the list of local dealers for your location: <enter your zip code here>.  The local dealer need not be located right where you live.  A local dealer could be as far away as 100 miles (or more) and still be willing to service your location.  Then, you can call each of those dealers until you find one that will give you the service you want.  Once you have that dealer, get that dealer's Exede sales ID # and then call (855) 463-9333 to get a ticket opened to do a sales channel change to that dealer.  If you give to the Exede representative who is handling that ticket, the Exede sales ID # for the local dealer you want to change to, as well as that local dealer's name, address and phone number, it will very greatly speed up the sales channel change.
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Hi Robyn,  It could be any number of issues. A service call is the best way to isolate the issue. Our service calls are $95.00.  We also have EasyCare  Protection Plan, which is a great alternative.   It will reduce the fee for the service call to $0.

Send us an email and we can take a look as well to with your account information.