Awesome Speeds For Me :D BUT!!! I has one request :3

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This is for 5GHZ

NOW MY REQUEST!!! can i get some upload speeds for my nintendo switch also??? :3 here is why...

i know you guys arent good at gaming... BUT!!! can i get like 2.4 mbps maybe??? (imma on 5GHZ) just like my ipad speeds??? :3 PRETTY PWEEZ WITH A CHERRY ON TOP!!! :D if so... ID WOULD LOVE IT :3 i dont care about ping for online gameplay... cause imma already used to the online gameplay with the latency :3 IF my request cant be granted... its aok :3 dont worry about it :3 ILL STILL BE WITH YOU GUYS NO MATTER WHAT :3 

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  • Happy about my speeds :3 Hoping my request gets granted :3 IF NOT ILL ALWAYS LOVE VIASAT NO MATTER WHAT :3

Posted 1 year ago

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i think ill just stay with single player mode for my games on my Nintendo switch for now on during evenings and holiday breaks... PLUS!!! THIS WILL GIVE ME A CHANCE TO GET ALL 3 GOLDEN STARS ON EACH COURSE IN MARIO KART 8 DELUXE SO I CAN GET GOLDE MARIO :D WISH ME LUCK!!! :3

P.S.!!! speeds took a BIG OOF during evenings now XD i know i should know better... but i forgets its Christmas vacation for the kiddies XD TIME FOR SOME SINGLE PLAYER MODES NOW :3 and using my cell data to talk with my friends on discord tonight maybe :3
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Eh. I don't think viasat can change your upload. The DL comes from the big bird in the sky, the upload is from your dish to the bird to the internet on the ground

big dish << big satellite ya know.


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A lot of it has to do with the source's infrastructure, like their servers and switches.  Notice that your download speed from Nintendo is less than half of what it could be, as well.  That is, if it was downloading files and such.  

Sometimes a source's infrastructure, or at least some part of it, is sensitive to the high latency, and even the congestion, inherent to satellite internet.  And, though I have the competition, I've seen Microsoft's servers, and others, being slow as could be when my overall speed was perfectly adequate.  I had one time, last year, where a 650MB Windows Update took over 24 hours to download, yet with my overall speed at the time the download should have taken less than five minutes.
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