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I just want to say that there are awesome people on the forums both the Exede Forum and the Wildblue forum.  These are not the people who are working for Exede these are the people just like you and me. You have a problem and explain it best you can (don't need to be rude although your upset). These people will try and give you idea's of what could be wrong and how to fix it.  The moderator's are good also. But want to thank the the ones like Jep, old Labs and all the others for the help they have given me. Even told me how to get back on this Exede Forum. You guys are the greatest. Thank you!!!!!
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Posted 4 years ago

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Glad to see you made it back on the Exede Community Forum!

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That is a very nice note, but honestly, I am new to Exced and these emails are really making me wonder if I have a good server for my internet.  I was never told when I signed up that if I used too much internet, I would have to buy more time.   Not too sure about this as every email that I have gotten has a major problem.  So far - so good.

Jeannine Stone

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The emails you're receiving are the default community notifications established when you created an account for the community here. The majority of users coming here and posting are doing so because they are experiencing problems - it's rare for users to come here to sing the praises of Exede.

However, you can turn off the community email notifications by signing in here, clicking on your name in the upper right hand corner and then selecting profile. From there, click on the email and notifications link and clear any notifications you don't want to receive and click on the appropriate save buttons underneath the check box groups.

When you do have problems, you'll find some help here.

If all I saw were the complaints, I'd be concerned too - but 5000 plus members (skewed heavily toward those having problems) here aren't really representative of the overall experience of 680,000 subscribers in my opinion.