ATT Fixed Wireless Internet..A Real Option..

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I never thought that fixed wireless internet would ever be a viable option for those of who live in the boonies..I spoke with a friend of mine 1 mile down the road who has ATT Fixed Wireless Internet access and what he told me just blew me away..Keeping in mind that this type of service is line of site service, which could also apply to my house, he is consistently in the 10-35 Mbs download range regardless of time of day or weather condition..and virtually no signal delay since he also is a gamer..his plan is 160Gb/month for $60/month plus tax so I am seriously thinking about ending my service with Exede(Viasat) for something which, in our neck of the woods is working..ATT was granted multi billions from the gov't for this the way I live in South Carolina..anyone know of someone who has had this same degree of success?
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Posted 9 months ago

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Hi elchicano65 - I do not, but I would be interested to hear some feedback if you decide to cross over.
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You should get in the range of what your neighbor has suggested. It's relatively new and not widely advertised as far as I know so you shouldn't expect congestion issues.
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I would switch in a second. Let’s just say if It were avalibile for my house I would switch today. Maybe soon it will come available. I feel confident in telling you this causes I was A Directv Employee . Not a concractor ! And we were bought by a big Company. Now I work for that big company..
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RE: ATT Fixed Wireless Internet access

If lowly populated area, speeds may be quite good, but as population density increases, speeds will drop as the "pilgrims" come onboard.

In my rural area, Verizon has good LTE speeds, but last I knew, their plans sucked, price and bucket-size wise.
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Just as a note..I have Verizon LTE for my smartphone plan, but my understanding is that ATT is the only company that has received the go ahead and the gov't cash for the rollout..keep in mind this is a service that is not part of regular cell service but a standalone product offering..none of the other big 3 cell providers are getting this subsidy..if you Google this you will see that they are concentrated in parts of Calif and a lot of the Southeast..Google ATT Fixed Internet Wireless since I don't have a link to provide..