ATT Fixed Wireless Internet..A Real Option..

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I never thought that fixed wireless internet would ever be a viable option for those of who live in the boonies..I spoke with a friend of mine 1 mile down the road who has ATT Fixed Wireless Internet access and what he told me just blew me away..Keeping in mind that this type of service is line of site service, which could also apply to my house, he is consistently in the 10-35 Mbs download range regardless of time of day or weather condition..and virtually no signal delay since he also is a gamer..his plan is 160Gb/month for $60/month plus tax so I am seriously thinking about ending my service with Exede(Viasat) for something which, in our neck of the woods is working..ATT was granted multi billions from the gov't for this the way I live in South Carolina..anyone know of someone who has had this same degree of success?
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Hi elchicano65 - I do not, but I would be interested to hear some feedback if you decide to cross over.
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You should get in the range of what your neighbor has suggested. It's relatively new and not widely advertised as far as I know so you shouldn't expect congestion issues.
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I would switch in a second. Let’s just say if It were avalibile for my house I would switch today. Maybe soon it will come available. I feel confident in telling you this causes I was A Directv Employee . Not a concractor ! And we were bought by a big Company. Now I work for that big company..
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RE: ATT Fixed Wireless Internet access

If lowly populated area, speeds may be quite good, but as population density increases, speeds will drop as the "pilgrims" come onboard.

In my rural area, Verizon has good LTE speeds, but last I knew, their plans sucked, price and bucket-size wise.
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The mailings I have received from AT&T sound promising until you get to the fine print. In my area they are requiring you to also sign up for DirecTV. Which  kills the deal for me! (edit) Correction, to get the best price, requires you bundle with a qualifying att service (att wireless or directv)
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AT&T’s price increases the result of billion-dollar merger debt - Wall Street analysts noting that the company’s plans to recoup that debt — with price increases and fewer
promotional discounts — are unsustainable, and in the end will simply drive away more customers.

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I called AT&T, 200.00 install, my bill for my average usage would be 170.00 PLUS taxes and fees, no VOIP that does not use my data and, I spend 2-4 hours per day on the phone weekdays due to hubby being a truck driver and having to do directions and, social calls to him as well as handling other home matters.

Signal here, 1 bar at best, meaning 10 Mbps or less for me (despite advertising claims to the contrary) and, auto billed for excess usage, no warning, no option not to buy more and, I'd have to have it bundled with my DTV

NO WAY, not worth the hassle or cost to switch and, with a price increase in the near future, not even worth thinking about. At least with Viasat, I know what I'll be paying and, when the slow times are. I can deal with that and, I can keep my phone.
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VOIP data usage is minimal.

If I had that deal, I would take it over Viasat. I mean, a lot depends on your location on whether an alternative to Viasat is better or not.
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If they would give me a free install, lock my bill at 170 MAX regardless of usage and, no ETF if canceled within 30 days, no bundling then I'd try it and see how it actually worked.

AT&T won't do that any more than Viasat would so, I can't see where it's any better and, I loose my phone and, if I were to cancel AT&T, I'd loose both internet and DTV Nope, can't do that.
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I tried to get it but could not connect.My neighbor up the street has it and gets 30 up I saw his connection this service depends on line of sight to the cell tower.I am in SC also in a rural area.I will try again this spring because the installer told me to try again its 70 dollars for 170 gb so it is cheaper.
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I would jump on this if it was offered in my area. I am currently paying 150.00 for 40 gbs with verizon. ripoff.
I am thinking about seriously switching to Viasat. $100/$150 for the Gold 50. Better deal than Verizon. Thinking about the platinum plan also.
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I'm sure some of the more knowledgeable ViaSat customers will correct me if this is wrong, but if you have the Gold 50 or even the Platinum plans available to you, that means you're in one of the high density spot beam areas that get great speeds.  You're quite lucky in that.  
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Indeed. That would be a high density spot beam!

You also might want to look at Verizon prepaid "unlimited". It is different than what you have, and a lot cheaper.
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Yup Verizon prepaid would be the way to go. I canceled my Verizon and kept Viasat due to if Verizon changed the plan I would be in another 2 year contract with Viasat if I switched back. I can deal with Viasat but when Verizon hits you with a throttle it is very harsh till next reset. Verizon is cheaper and would be better if you can get good speeds than to go Viasat and have the 2 year contract and not be happy with the service.
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In Europe, prepaid has been the norm for years, but in USA, the reverse.  VZW's previous prepaid, by the minute, was not cheap unless few minutes per month were the norm.

Flash forward, it appears from hearsay that VZW is embracing prepaid and selling to vendors these prepaid cards at much lower cost than marked on cards.  On ebay and even at Target, which one person said "sells $40 Verizon PINS for $33."  I bought mine at a reduced cost on ebay.  $100.00 for $70.00. If true, the VZW is attempting to "heard the cattle" towards them....either long term marketing, or at a later time, cut off these price reductions.

Most companies have a "we reserve the right to change" clause, but the fine print I've read for this VZW unlimited plan boils down to a

(1) Ten GB plan full speed ahead (as based upon tower's load), with
(2) them throttling afterwards, if network congestion exits.

Several city based people have hit 1 TB usage.  In theory, if their traffic shaping policies are fit for duty, there is no need for a hard throttle 24x7.  It's not good policy to pull the rug out from someone.

If a tower used is not loaded, and if tower has enough bandwidth, these unlimited plans may be just fine. 

Considering I'm paying $50.00/month for Exede-5 plan, and considering in the beam I use Viasat wants $100.00/month for their 360p unlimited, its a no brainer to have both Viasat and VZW's unlimited.  I'll be evaluating for several months before I consider having one or two providers.

Primetime peak speed tonight on VZW...videos run fine on 720p

Speed Test just now: