Are we being ripped off from our data?

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I upgraded to the 150GB plan and our family is barely using the Internet. Our devices are disconnected and yet, our usage says we have utilized 6.9GB and it's only our first day of the new cycle. I noticed our usage has increased as soon as we upgraded to the new 150GB plan. Are we being ripped off?
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Posted 2 years ago

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I haven't upgraded it yet. But from what I'm reading here, just out of curiosity did you upgrade the modem? When I checked into the Unlimited Plan they told me I have to wait till they sent me the new Modem and set it up before I could use the new Unlimited plan.
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Carol, many things can cause that much usage and more in a day, even when you are not actively using your connected devices. Also, if you upgraded mid billing cycle, usage does not rest when you change plans since your billing date does not change.

The most common cause of unexplained usage is automatic updates. 6.9 GB would account for the Windows 10 Creators update being downloaded, or uploaded, depending on your update settings and, the most recent iOS mobile update combined and, both could easily happen in the same day.

If you would like a usage review to get a better idea of how your data was used, please email your request to Be sure to include your account number or phone number associated with your account and, your contact information with your emailed request.
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Why bother sending an email Bev?  I emailed on 10/30 (case #01449757), was promised a response in 24 hours, and still have not received a response. 

Don't get their hopes up.
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The reps are only human, and computers are computers, occasionally an email may get missed or, not be delivered properly. Send another, odds are it was either human or computer error. They are very good about answering emails and, with the exception of weekends and holidays, they do answer within 24 hours.
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Hi Carraig S, 

If it didn't go to directly to it would not have sent to us in the corporate office. That's the only email that goes to us. I'd say if you sent a email on Oct 30th to please send another to that email address as we have a 24 hour (holidays and some weekends excluded) of answering within 24 hours. If there's been an unanswered email that's 30 days without a reply we would have seen it so please re-send to us
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Brad, sending an email does not seem to work- I have just sent a 3rd request for some advice on an issue I am having. the first being November 9th- with nada on any kind of response- and yes. all three were sent to
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Carol we can review the data for you if you email us at
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Nobody has mentioned the 500 lb. Gorilla in the room. It's faster!! When I was on that plan 6.9G was a light day if the speed was up max . Three movies in 1020P will use in the area of 6GB,( 1.9 to 2.2 Gb/movie). (Just sayin')
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I have the 150GB plan for about a year now and have never notice any  missing or used data that I didn't use.  I can't believe at all the people in this forum that believe that Exede is stealing their data.  Why would that benefit Exede to do that and piss everybody off?  If you're missing data it is probably at your end not Exdes.
 If you have only a 10GB plan that just don't make it todays world.  Most people would blow through that in 10 days or less.  If that is all your budget will alow for,  just figure about all you can do is email and a little browsing.
 Out of my 150 GB plan we usually use between 40 to 60 GBs a month with a dozen different pieces of equiptment accessing the internet.  We watch a fair amount of Amazon Prime shows, Youtube vids and stream music and do a lot web surfing.  The benifits of being retired.
 If your are burning through your data it's probably software or hardware updates or maybe your PC has been hijack by a bott and being used in a denail of service attack,  and a lot of other viruses  will use data.  If you have kids that play games and download updates or new games those files can be really large.
It seems to me if Exede was ripping off some of its customers it would be ripping us all off.
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They have a jar that they reach into and pick the poor guy that they are going to jack with this month.  We are just lucky so far....  :)  The real answer is, it's just so much easier to blame someone else. 
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Well, I guess my name has never been in that jar. Oh wait eSVT did jack with me for a while, it called all of my usage communication but, it had the amount right, just the wrong category  - hey it was BETA for a reason.

Yep, the most like cause is not being aware of what device or program is doing what without your permission. I've been guilty of that, turn on updates to allow one I need, then forget to turn it off because the one I needed took a couple of hours to DL and, i spaced out turning updates back off until it proceeded to eat my data when I didn't want to update it - whoops, my bad.

This month, my first full month on Unlimited, I have cut my gaming rig loose for all but game updates, I want to see what it does to my usage.